March 4, 2021

The ACB announces its calendar and internationals could play 100 games in a year

It is already official, the next season of Spanish basketball will have hardly any rest for the teams that compete in European competitions. The ACB presented its calendar yesterday and has had to adapt to two extraordinary circumstances:

-The pre-Olympic to be held between June 23 and 28

-The increase of teams (2) and therefore days (4) in the Euroleague

Last year Real Madrid, which reached the Final Four, the Cup final and the League final, played a total of 83 games He did not reach the decisive match in any of his league qualifiers, so this number could have been higher. In the event that a team reaches the final rounds in all competitions (Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Baskonia and Real Madrid will play the Euroleague) they could play a maximum of 93 games The Golden State Warriors, finalists this year in the NBA they played 104 games

This situation has meant that the League has had to increase the double days, starting with the first two that will be played between September 14 and 29. Before Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Fuenlabrada will fight for the Super Cup in Madrid (2 matches).

The Copa del Rey will be played in Malaga in mid-February and from that moment the vertigo begins on the calendar. If any team that disputes European competitions arrives at the FINAL FOUR and advances rounds also in the playoff league, it is possible that the League is forced to put two consecutive games in the final, although this will only happen if at least one semifinal reaches the fifth match.

Once the local and continental season is over, the international players, who will have started their season in China with the World Cup that begins on August 31 Those teams that achieve the qualification for the Pre-Olympic will play five more matches between the June 23 and 28.

This way from the August 31 an international player of a leading Spanish team, can link the World Cup, with the Super Cup, the League, Euroleague, the Cup, the Final Four League playoffs, the pre-Olympic and the Games with what would probably come for the first time in history to the 100 games in the same season.

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