January 25, 2021

The Academy of Oscars invites 842 new members, 50% of them women | Culture

The Academy of Cinema that awards the Oscars announced this Monday a new batch of professionals who have invited to join the club. The new members are 842 film professionals from 59 countries. The Academy emphasizes that 50% of the new members will be women and 29% will be non-white people. The ad is part of an aggressive strategy on the part of the institution to achieve before 2020 a greater diversity among professionals who vote for the Oscars, which began after criticism for the lack of representation of African-Americans and women in the awards.

Among the new members there will be 54 Ibero-American professionals, among them 16 Mexicans, 14 Spaniards and 10 Brazilians. Some of the most well-known names on the list are the actors Juan Diego Botto, Irene Escolar, Bruno Nichir, Hector Bonilla or Marina de Tavira. They will enter the Academy at the same time as names like Lady Gaga, Jean-Louis Trintingant, Tom Holland, Claire Foy and Toni Servillo, also guests in this batch. Of the more than 800 guests, only 82 of them have ever been nominated for an Oscar and only 21 have won it.

You can look for the origin of this strategy in January 2016, when the nominations for the Oscars of that year were announced and the Academy was on the ropes before the public. The 20 nominees in the categories of actors were white, in a year in which the films had very diverse cast. The then president of the Academy, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, promised that she would achieve double the number of women and minorities among its members before 2020 and reinforce the global profile of the institution. The nominations and awards were due to the fact that the Academy was comprised mostly of white and American older men.

In June 2017, the institution invited 774 new members among whom there were more than 20 Latinos. Last year he broke his record in a single batch of invitations with 928 new members, of which 49% were women and 38% were non-whites. More than 40 Ibero-American interpreters entered the Academy that year, such as Ricardo Darín, Carmen Maura, Eugenio Derbez and Emma Suárez.

With this year's invitations, the number of members of the Academy who will not be white men advances considerably, although it still does not fulfill the promise of duplication. In 2015, 25% of the academics were women, now they will be 32%. Yes it has been fulfilled regarding non-white members. This year will reach 16% of non-white voters at the Oscars, compared to 8% in 2015, according to a statement from the Academy, which has rarely publicly disclosed its racial composition.

The awards Oscar this year They left the award-winning poster more diverse than the 91-year history of the awards. Seven African Americans picked up prizes. Mahershala Ali was the first black actor to collect a second Oscar for best supporting actor. Spike Lee won the first Oscar of his career. Two black women were the first winners in their categories, costumes and production design. A black man won the Oscar for the best animated film for the first time. Last year's edition also broke the record of women winners, with a total of 15. The diversity was interpreted as the first sign that the rapid change imposed in the Academy to change its composition was beginning to bear fruit.

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