The abuser priest of La Bañeza resorts to the failure of the Vatican | Society

The abuser priest of La Bañeza resorts to the failure of the Vatican | Society

The Vatican sentence of a month ago that suspends the priest José Manuel Ramos and banishes him 10 years of the diocese of Astorga (León) for pedophilia has not yet been executed. Ramos, 65, continues to live in the priestly house of the bishopric, since he has appealed the sentence of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that condemned him for abusing a child at the Juan XXIII school in Puebla de Sanabria (Zamora) between 1981 and 1984, as confirmed by the diocese. The convicted person had 60 days to appeal the sentence, which is not automatic, which suspends execution until it is resolved.

This is not the first conviction for abuses that is imposed on Ramos. In July 2016 the bishopric of Astorga separated him from the parish of Tábara (Zamora) -where he had been living since 1990- after a victim denounced him in 2014 through a letter to the Pope for abuses in the minor seminary of La Bañeza (León) at the end of the eighties. Bishop Juan Antonio Menéndez, current president of the anti-bishops' commission of the Episcopal Conference, silenced the case to the public opinion and allowed, once the sentence was dictated, that the priest should give mass on at least three occasions. Two in Tábara in September 2016 (in one of them he received a tribute) and another in his hometown, Veguellina de Órbigo (León), in recognition of the parish priest of the town. In 2017, La Opinión de Zamora brought the case to light and the diocese of Astorga received several complaints about abuses. One of them accused Ramos of abusing another child in the aforementioned school.

They deny his file
Javier, the victim of La Bañeza, unsuccessfully requested the diocese a week ago to give him the case file of his case. The bishopric refused to deliver the reports claiming that these documents were sent to Rome because it is the body "that judges such crimes." Javier is willing to take legal action since, according to account, at the beginning of the procedure he was promised a reparation for the damages caused and the bishopric now refuses to give him such compensation. Menendez said last Thursday in an interview in the Cope that the victim tried to blackmail him for 300,000 euros.

In some recordings of the process to which this newspaper has had access, it can be seen how the then-judicial vicar of Astorga, Julio Alonso, talks with Javier about the financial compensation and throws him a possible figure: 50,000 euros.


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