Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The 90 year old Spanish world champion

The 90 year old Spanish world champion

A Swedish gymnastics table and a good diet are the keys to the success of Marcos Bermejo, a Cantabrian athlete who at 90 has made history by breaking the world record of 400 meters with a time of 1:43:08. "I broke the world record without knowing it", tells La Razón Bermejo, who never stops laughing, recalling his achievement in Polish lands.

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"My dream was to be a world champion, I could have been a former champion, but I would have traveled to Australia, Japan or Canada, the trip was a lot of money and that is why I had put all my hopes into this championship in Poland. and out of the corner of my eye I saw that I pulled so much distance from my rivals ... I did not believe it, when I crossed the line it seems that they announced that it was a new world record, but I did not know, "says Marcos. On the way to the dressing rooms with his grandchildren, who did not want to miss the feat of his grandfather, the delegate of the Spanish federation told him: "Bermejo, Bermejo, a photograph that has broken the world record." Marcos could not believe it and burst into tears. "I'm going to remember him all my life."

"It was a world event, people of my grandchildren's age think that some of us with our ages are lame," laughs Marcos, who with his brand managed to surpass the world record held since 2010 by Italian Ugo Sansonetti. "The whole pavilion giving me hugs and congratulations and I had almost not heard," says Bermejo that with his new medal will have to make reforms at home because the rooms do not fit more. The next world championship will be in Toronto, next year but "at our ages does not know what is going to happen".

Its success, which "is not a secret", lies in exercise and food. "I was a boxer and I learned a gymnastics table called Swedish gymnastics and I have been practicing it for 75 years, apart from that I do the gymnastics, warm-ups and stretching," Bermejo confesses. Also, take good care of what you eat. "I've eaten a lot of vegetables, a lot of fruit, a lot of vegetables, lots of fish, cereals and nuts, a varied meal, no more secrets, I do not drink alcohol, I only drink once a year and occasionally I have a good drink wine, "he adds.

And, of course, the support of his wife: "It's my" alma mater ", from time to time he has to put up with my bad milk, as it is the one that drives me Whatsapp takes three or four days that almost does not sleep. to ring the phone. "

He started running professionally at 63 years old. His next challenge is in June, the championship of Spain in Valencia, in June. There Bermejo wants to continue giving the lesson that it is never too late to do what one wants.


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