The 8M Mérida platform requests that Plácido Domingo’s concert be canceled

Mérida, Sep 15 (EFE) .- The Mérida 8M Platform has registered with the City Council a request to cancel the concert of the tenor Plácido Domingo, scheduled at the Stone & Music Festival on September 25, since they consider that “it cannot be allowed that a confessed abuser comes to Mérida with public money to sing “.

This was stated by the spokesperson for the platform, Izaskun Moral, who explained that women are outraged because “the crimes committed against them are not taken into account.”

For this reason, it has called on all Extremadura women to register their complaint “online” in their respective town halls, so that the discomfort is recorded, and they have called for a mobilization for the 25th with the Roman Theater to protest for the concert.

Finally, he has shown his support for women “who have been abused” by the tenor and hopes that this initiative will serve so that in the future “it will take into account what type of people are brought with public money”, since even if it is a private company that hires the artists, it is financed by the Mérida City Council, “and other public entities.”


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