The 8 military tricks that will facilitate your life – The Province

The 8 military tricks that will facilitate your life - The Province

The military must become accustomed to extreme situations and, therefore, they are trained to survive between difficulties that may arise, learning small tricks that simplify your routine or easy tips that help in everyday problems. Knowing and knowing how to use some of them, such as the ones mentioned below, can be good for anyone for our day to day life.

Urinating in the shower

Many people already urinate while showering for comfort. SHUTTERSTOCK

Although some may be a bit disgusted, it must be recognized that many people urinate while they shower, simply for comfort. In addition, this act comes and heals athlete's foot, a fungal infection that can affect the plant, edges and folds and that usually affects more athletes.

Wear tights

In cold weather, it is advisable to use tights, a trick used by the military. They are worn under pants, so they do not look, no one appreciates it, but it will keep you warm in the low temperatures.

Adhesive tape on the feet

If you use footwear that rubs with the foot, tie adhesive tape in these areas can help prevent the appearance of blisters or bunions. A recommended trick, especially if you travel important distances during the day.

Intimate pads can replace bandages / Shutterstock

Compresses for wounds and sweat

The compresses They can have different uses that you probably did not know about. Between them, they serve to place them on a wound and stop the bleeding., Also, for example, they can be placed on the soles of the shoes in order to absorb the sweat.

Know if you are being watched

Sometimes we have the feeling that they are following us. SHUTTERSTOCK

Many times we have felt that a car is following us. If you have that doubt, remove it by making four turns in the same direction at each crossing. In this way, you will be returning practically to the same point so, if the car is still behind, there is no doubt that it watches over you.

Mustard or black tea over burns

The military knows very well that, in case of suffering a burn by fire, there are products that can be applied and will help its quick cure. This is the case of mustard or a bag of wet black tea, which will produce a great relief.

Potatoes against bruising

Potatoes can help against bruising. REUTERS

In case of receiving a strong blow and suspicion that a bruise will appear, go quickly for a potato raw and put directly on the damaged point for a long time. This will make the bruise notice less.

Cotton and Vaseline to light fires

A quick and comfortable way to light a fire when you go to the field is to take cotton and petroleum jelly with you. You just have to make a ball, anoint it and turn it on and you'll have the fire in a jiffy.


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