The 769 deaths of immigrants in boats in 2018 tripled the 223 of 2017

The 769 deaths of immigrants in boats in 2018 tripled the 223 of 2017

769 people have lost their lives at sea trying to reach Spanish coasts until December 19, 344% more than in 2017, when 223 deaths of migrants were recorded, according to the latest figures published by the International Organization for Migration (OIM)

According to the latest report of the UN agency for migration, with data until last December 19, in this exercise 56,480 migrants in pateras reached the Spanish coasts through the route of the western Mediterranean, 281% more than 20,043 of 2017.

According to IOM data, the arrivals of immigrants across the sea were drastically reduced in Italy this year – from 118,914 in 2017 to 23,126 – and increased in Greece from 28,800 to 31,310 this year – and Cyprus -from 501 to 1,035-.

The IOM notes that arrivals to Spain until December 19 account for almost half – 49.93% – of all irregular arrivals across the Mediterranean to the region comprised of Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

The agency calculates that the year, with an average of 160 people per day, it is possible that in 2018 the 58,000 arrivals will be exceeded.

In one of its latest reports, IOM notes that on the Western Mediterranean route, which is used by groups of migrants from Morocco and Algeria, there are "significant difficulties" in terms of protection and serious human rights violations.

These include, in addition to deaths at sea, the desert and other places of transit, the disappearances of migrants, situations of exploitation and physical and emotional abuse, trafficking in persons, migrant trafficking, sexual and gender-based violence, arbitrary arrests. , forced labor, rescue requests and extortion.


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