The 6 keys to the great level of UD Las Palmas

García Pimienta, against Leganés. / cover

The defensive improvement, the success in front of goal and the block placed the islanders at the top of the table

Kevin Fontecha

KEVIN FONTECHA The Gran Canarian palms

Las Palmas, which already accumulates
16 regular league games without defeatdoes not feel the slip of the promotion playoff and continues its triumphant rhythm to position itself as one of the clear candidates to go up.
The victory against Leganés (1-0) draw a promising season. The keys are the following:

1. Garcia Pepper as a vitamin

Chosen to replace a somewhat worn-out Pepe Mel after three seasons at the helm, the commitment to
Garcia Pepper did not leave anyone indifferent. It was difficult for her to start, but she hit the key and now Las Palmas is a competitive cyclone. His numbers are remarkable on the bench, being even
the technician with the lowest defeat percentage in yellow history.

Miguel Ángel Ramírez himself confessed this week that he had told Luis Helguera, regarding the election of the Catalan coach, that he
«I was going to score a Quique Setién». Big words, but at the moment UD does not stop growing and believing.

2. Four clean sheets and only one goal conceded

One of the reasons why Las Palmas is getting such good results is because of its reliability in defensive tasks. While
last year the yellows received 47 goals, being the team that conceded the most of the top six classified, this season things have changed. Álvaro Valles has only received a goal so far in the championship.

The rest of the games he played, four, he managed to keep a clean sheet. It is a significant fact, because he makes you, at least, not lose. The Andalusian goalkeeper has shone with merit interventions, but it is not only thanks to him. All
the team has improved remarkably in defensive tasks.

Las Palmas knows how to play with the score in favor and he is capable of resisting the rival's attacks, as he did against Leganés in Gran Canaria. He handles arts that until then were unknown. And that's how he gets promoted.
Las Palmas remains undefeated.

3. The move to the front of several players

From the goal to the front. All the players have hit the table.
Valles, owner of the goal, is flashing gallons on every date. Eric Curbelo is indisputable.

Enzowithout injuries,
He is one of the best midfielders in the Second Division. And he is showing it with total football. Mfulu wears the captain's armband masterfully. He already dares to play more.

Moleiro finished exploding and the promise became reality. The Sergi Cardona, Coco or Clemente are also wearing, when it's their turn, a gala dress. The youngsters have more boards and the experience in the category is gold.

4. Transfers improve starts

The summer market has been good in the offices of Pius XII. Las Palmas came out reinforced, it is in sight. Nobody misses Jesé Rodríguez in the Sports Union. And that signings like
Vitolo or Sandro Ramírez have not yet played for discomfort and injury.

Ferigra, Ale Díez, Raúl Fernández, Maikel Mesa, Pinchi, Sadiku, Mujica and Jesé himself made way for Marvin, Sidnei, Clemente, Álvaro Jiménez, Vitolo, Sandro, Marc Cardona and Florin Andone. for now
Marc is going out at the tip of the attack, contributing goals and dynamism to the yellow team. Sidnei, with his moles, has earned a place at the back, something that Ferigra never did.

Alvaronow injured
He has fallen in love with everyone in just one month. Last year's starting eleven is still practically the same, but what made it to the squad multiplies the options and also brings a lot of competition to the block.

5. Viera no longer has all the pressure

The new UD, with positive automatisms also from Pepe Mel, everything is said, no longer depends so much on Jonathan Viera.
Without the captain they have taken out games ahead of a lot of substance. It is true that the one from La Feria makes the difference in each clash when he is one hundred percent physically.

But that the rest of the group compete in such a way without the flagship of the squad is a reason to smile.
Now the rival cannot have four eyes and four legs behind Viera. Because those spaces can be used by Clemente, Moleiro, Loiodice and company.

6. Away from home, like in Gran Canaria

Far is that dying Sports Union on peninsular lands. In fact,
since García Pimienta's arrival only two away games have been lost: Real Zaragoza (2-1) and Tenerife (1-0) in the playoffs. Of rest, six foreign victories and four very valuable boards. Are
some records at the height of the teams that rise directly to the highest category of Spanish football.

Some numbers that Las Palmas will try to continue improving on Sunday
next week at the Racing de Santander field (5:30 p.m.). It won't be easy, as the Cantabrians will want their first win at El Sardinero.

Lemos makes justice and UD flies to the lead

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