The 500-euro bills that clogged Swiss toilets already have an owner | My money

The 500-euro bills that clogged Swiss toilets already have an owner | My money

The Geneva justice has resorted to the old saying "who finds it is what remains" to solve one of the strangest cases that has affected the Swiss city in recent years.

The staff of a cafeteria and two restaurants found in May and June of last year more than 95,000 euros in high-denomination bills after the owners of the funds tried to get rid of the cash in the toilets. Workers may request to keep the money after prosecutors close the case, confirmed a spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office in Geneva.

The strange affair started after staff of a bank branch of UBS Group AG located in the center of Geneva will not notice on May 11, 2017 that the toilets were clogged, according to the media Tribune of Genève. Employees found 40,000 euros in torn bills and police reviewed video footage of the bank showing the silhouettes of three women and a man who made several trips from a bank vault to the toilets, the newspaper reported. A spokesman for the bank declined to comment.

Later that day, 8,500 euros were taken from the toilets of a bakery located in the same building. And that night, a lady who cleaned the nearby Café du Center found about 26,000 euros, according to the newspaper. The biggest booty of all came a month later when the employees of the neighboring pizzeria Molino found 60,000 euros in banknotes partially destroyed, according to the newspaper.

The people who found the money still can not keep it. First they must submit a formal request for the funds, which had been kept by the Geneva authorities while the case was still open, the spokesperson explained.

The prosecution offered no theories about why people tried to get rid of their money. The case was closed after no justification was found to continue with the claims against any suspect in the case beyond the damage to public property. Even so, the case has left the locals racking their brains, in a city where the owners of restaurants and shops do not flinch when customers pay with 500 francs or even 1,000 francs.


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