The 5% Platform accuses the Clavijo Government of hiding its plans to breach the Canary Islands Education Law - La Provincia

The Platform for 5% in Education denounces that the presiding government Fernando Clavijo hid his plans to breach the Canary Islands Education Law in their budgetary commitments. "And he did it by preventing his true intentions - placing the budget in the 3.5% in 2022, in front of 5% which stipulates the Law - they were known in the pre-election period, not sending the Budget Plan approved in March and sent by the Canarian Executive to the Central Government, "they said in a statement.

They assure that when Fernando Clavijo appeared to the elections of May 26 promising "to increase the budget of investment in education until reaching the 5% of GDP in the year 2022"He did it by concealing that his Government had approved on March 11 and sent to Madrid the so-called 'Medium-term budget plan and the multi-annual budget scenarios of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands for the period 2020-2022' which lowered the Education budget until 3.5% of GDP in 2022.

"This plan, which in all previous years had been referred to the BOC before the last week of May, was not sent to the BOC by the Clavijo Government to prevent it from being known before the elections."

They report that the document in question contains, among other data, a forecast for Education spending for 2022 of 1,821 million euros and an estimate of GDP for 2022 of between 52,041.2 and 52,049.2 million euros, of which it deduces that the Education budget in relation to GDP would be 3.5%, far from 5% to which the Canary Islands Education Law for that year requires.

"The document allows to verify that the candidate for the Presidency of the Government for Canary Coalition he lied when on May 15 in the debate in the Canary Television He pointed out that the investment in Education in 2019 already reached 4% of GDP, since the budget plan sent to Madrid includes a GDP of 47,765 million euros and an Education budget of 1,719 million euros, which represents a 3 , 6% of GDP, as the Platform has been denouncing "." These data reveal that the Clavijo Government not only reduced the Education budget between 2015 and 2019 from 3.7% to 3.6% of GDP but that he planned to reduce it even more in the current legislature, if he continued to govern, placing it at the lowest point in the history of the autonomy of the Canary Islands. "


As the 5% Platform for Education has denounced, this reduction in spending in relation to GDP has consequences for the development of educational opportunities in the Canary Islands: rebound from early school leaving, chronification of the educational disadvantage, zero offer of Infant 0- 3 years, deficit of more than 2,400 teachers, important problems in educational infrastructure, insufficient support for school supplies and complementary services, etc.

"The data confirm and give full support to the complaint filed by the Platform before the Deputy of the Common and before the Provincial Prosecutor of Las Palmas last May, for the repeated breach of the Canary Islands Education Law and its financing path. It is confirmed that the Clavijo Government not only breached the law, but planned, with full awareness of it, its non-compliance within the legally established deadlines. "

The 5% Platform for Education will legally study whether all this constitutes a crime to extend the complaint to the Prosecutor's Office and reiterate it before the Commonwealth Deputy, demanding the corresponding responsibilities.

The platform will shortly begin a round of urgent contacts with the Government and all parliamentary groups to redirect this nonsense according to the commitments announced in the current Canary Government program.

"The youth and children of the Canary Islands cannot continue to wait for future investments. It is essential that the programs and investments provided for in the Canary Islands Education Law be applied."


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