The 5 occurrences of Mexico to finally get rid of the presidential plane

Sell ​​it “in parts”, exchange it for ambulances and even raffle it are some of the five options announced on Friday by the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to get rid once and for all of the controversial presidential plane inherited from his predecessors.

“This is not easy because if the president is not going to use it then which company uses such an airplane. The truth was that this was an excess. This should not have been done. They should not have bought this plane, not even the richest in the world and extravagant , they no longer have these planes, “the president argued in his morning conference.

The only condition is to obtain the equivalent of 130 million dollars that the UN determined as the value of the aircraft, a Boeing 787, which López Obrador put up for sale, without success until now, from the first month of its management.

Although the president said they would decide what is resolved “sooner” he also asked people to help decide between the five options that are:


The Mexican government has received an offer from a buyer from the United States, but for 125 million dollars, so the president expects the businessman to accept paying the missing 5 million.

López Obrador commented that there were originally two buyers who “possibly did not cheer up” upon learning that his Administration would bring back the California device, where it remained at the manufacturing company’s facilities for maintenance.


Mexico has also formally requested the United States to exchange the aircraft for the equivalent in medical equipment, such as ambulances, tomographs, x-ray machines and “everything necessary for hospitals.

By pointing out that they are waiting for Washington’s response, the president clarified that they would use the machinery, or the resources of the other options, to equip public hospitals.


The president also plans to sell the device “in parts” to 12 national companies that would form a company, so it would be up to each businessman to pay about $ 11 million.

In reporting that he has met with businessmen such as Carlos Slim, Carlos Salazar and Antonio del Valle, López Obrador asked the private sector to “help him repair the damage.”


In citing the case of a plane in Asia that rents for $ 70,000 an hour, the president cited as an option to rent the aircraft under the administration of the Mexican Air Force.

The vehicle has the capacity to fly for 800 hours per year with an operating cost of $ 15,000 per hour.


A draw of 6 million “cachitos” (tickets), at 500 pesos each (about 25 dollars), administered by the National Lottery, is the last alternative of the Mexican Government.

The winner could also win the one or two year operation service, the president said.

“These are the options we have. I am sure that the people are going to help us. Everyone. The people are going to help us, as always, and the businessmen help us, and they are going to help us solve this matter, because what do we do? “he reflected.


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