The 5 favorites to win Eurovision 2021

Eurovision returns with force after being canceled by the coronavirus and this year it will be face-to-face taking all possible precautions. The festival will be held in Rotterdam (Holland) between the 18th and 22nd at Ahoy Arena. The event has deployed all its logistics to make the celebration possible.

However, all the scenarios are planned, since the 39 participants have had to record their performances so that in case of not being able to travel to Holland for the restrictions or because they must save forty once they arrive at their destination, the spectators do not miss any detail.

The festival will have an audience that will undergo the tests and must remain seated throughout the show; the capacity has been reduced to about 3,500 people. With all this adapted protocol, fans will be able to enjoy the Eurovision songs. The polls are fuming, but the latest ones indicate a clear winner: malt.


Destiny Chukunyere is only 18 years old and has climbed all the way up to the top spot. Your song 'Je me marry' (I'm out) has delighted the fans of Eurovision.


'Voila' is the French theme by Bárbara Pravi that narrates the process of change that a woman experiences to feel complete and independent. All bets have their eyes on this issue.


Another French song that dazzles the Eurovision public, this time it's about 'Tout l'univers' (the whole universe), which is an epic ballad with an optimistic message.


'10' is an eighties song that the group Daði og Gagnamagnið has risen to stardom last year with the cancellation of the contest. Now she is running as a candidate for the crystal microphone.


The Italian group Måneskin presents a rock song that aims to conquer all musical tastes. The band is committed to a groundbreaking scenography that together with its aesthetics make it one of the favorites.


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