The 5 best ballads of what goes of 2018 – The Province

The 5 best ballads of what goes of 2018 - The Province

In moments of calm the best friend is a ballad, which magically helps us to connect directly with our most intimate and sensitive part. Through the languid notes and the deepest letters penetrating feelings and emotions emerge and we teleport to another level.

If you want to embark on the hidden universe of ballads, we have chosen among the favorite themes of this year 2018, the most talked about and commented, which deal with the lack of love, music and social demand.

1. 'Malamente' by Rosalía

The Catalan singer Rosalía has managed to reach the top thanks to the mix of flamenco and'trap'. Is most heard among young people and is having a lot of success. The rhythm characterized by palmas and compasses encourages anyone and encourages dancing.

2.'If You Know You Know' of Pusha T

Kanye West has released many songs this year, but undoubtedly the most listened to and the best critics he has had is'If You Know You Know'. The artist pays homage to Notorious B.I.G, one of the most influential American rappers of recent times who was killed by a stranger in a shooting in Los Angeles.

3. 'Everybody wants to be famous' from Superorganism

A video clip full of colors and fantasy that envelops you in constant madness. It's a very current song that Its main theme is the longing for fame which is easy to get through social networks.

4. 'Fear' of Amaia from 'Operación Triunfo'

Amaia Romero has not yet released her first album, but we do not stop listening to the songs that the artist sang in '0.T '. Singer He managed to reach the hearts of all the spectators with this theme, even even those who hated the program. When she got on the piano she got excited and sensitized to those who listened to her.

5. 'Forfri (C Tangana Yung Beef diss)', from Cream

The two most famous ragpickers in Spain, C Tanagana and Yaung Beef debated for'Primavera Sound' how the music industry relates to artists. Yaung Beef said that he was beginning to triumph from the bottom to the top. C Tangana thought that first there was to know the industry and at that moment the war between both began and Tangana published on YouTube with her alias of Cream, a subject in which he makes fun of Yaung Beef.


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