August 5, 2021

The 40th edition of the Tigre Juan Prize will have a winner on November 22 | Culture

The 40th edition of the Tigre Juan Prize will have a winner on November 22 | Culture

The 40th edition of the Tigre Juan Narrative Prize, organized by the Asociación Tribuna Ciudadana with the collaboration of the City of Oviedo, already has a date for the award and delivery of its award. It will be in Oviedo next November 22 in the Tea Room of the Campoamor Theater. This was announced on Tuesday during the presentation of this year's award at the Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid, an act that was attended by the Councilor for Culture of the City of Oviedo, Roberto Sánchez Ramos, in the company of the president of the Citizen Tribune Association , Alfonso Toribio.

"Tigre Juan has endured 40 years and is very linked to the popular culture of Oviedo, it is not a question of elites," said Sánchez Ramos, adding "how nice it is to set the literature." In addition, the mayor has announced that next year the Municipal Culture Foundation will convene the Angel Gonzalez Poetry Award, "based on repeating the Tigre Juan formula." This award "has carbayón smell, it does not matter the winner, it is the least important thing is that Oviedo, as we like it, has returned, we ask for a long life for Tigre Juan", added the president of Citizen Tribune , paraphrasing what was published in the Diario Región of April 18, 1978, this being the year of its first edition.

The winner and the finalist will receive, respectively, an economic endowment of 10,000 and 5,000 euros. They will be chosen from among the 87 works presented from very different backgrounds: both Spanish, with representation from numerous autonomous communities, as well as from Latin America and the United States. The members of the jury in charge of the election of the winners will be, on this occasion, Ángela Martínez, Fernando Menéndez, Natalia Cueto, Vicente Duque and Eduardo San José, all of whom are coordinated by Javier Gámez.

In addition, the recognition to the narrative of the youngest returns this year in the form of the II Young Contest of short stories. On this occasion, 42 stories from different places in Spain were presented, since last year it was restricted to Asturias. It will also have cash prizes that correspond to the amounts of 400 euros for the winner and 200 for both the 2nd and the 3rd finalist. The winning and finalist stories of the first edition have been collected in the book entitled The Shadow of the Tiger, from the Pez de Plata publishing house.


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