July 10, 2020

“The 40,000 fans who were at Atalanta-Valencia were infected” – La Provincia

With 50,400 cases and 6,077 deaths in Italy due to the coronavirus crisis the party of Champions League between Atalanta and the Valencia it continues to speak as one of the outbreaks of the spread of the focus in Bergamo in particular and in the Lombardy region in general. The last to speak on the subject has been the mayor of the Bergamo city, Giorgio Gori and who has assured that celebrating the party was a “biological bomb”.

Through an interview via Facebook Gori explains his vision: “At that time we did not know what was happening. The first patient in Italy was on February 23. If the virus was already circulating, the forty thousand fans who went to the San Siro stadium were infected. No one knew that the Viruses were already circulating among us. Many watched the game in groups and there were many contacts that night. The virus passed from one to the other. “

However the mayor of Bergamo clarifies that it was not the only factor in the expansion of the Covid-19 in the city. “The party was not everything because the spark was really in the Alzano Lombardo hospital, with a patient with unrecognized pneumonia and who infected patients, doctors and nurses. That is the focus of the outbreak.”


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