"The 4 Sevilla players must be punished and sanctioned" - La Provincia

A few days ago, controversy erupted in the world of soccer after Ocampos, Mudo Vázquez, De Jong and Banega skipped confinement by holding a meeting between more than ten people, the limit that is set by the Government for phase 1 Although the players have already asked for forgiveness through social networks, the truth is that a lot of tension has been generated, especially given the controversy generated by the fans that many soccer players are not willing to play for health reasons.

One of the most critical people in this regard has been Cristóbal Soria, who has taken advantage of the dissemination of MEGA's El Chiringuito to affirm that in his opinion the four footballers should be punished and harshly punished by the club, since in addition to risking their health and of his teammates have seriously tarnished the image of Sevilla. His reaction to the behavior of the team's soccer players can be found in the video attached to this news.


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