The 3G era is over, a service that has been forgotten

The end of 3G already has a date

The technology It is a sector that is developing very quickly and is in constant change to offer new improvements and provide other services that facilitate its use for users. The one known as 3G provided this third generation of devices with a series of advantages variables such as data usage and a very reliable call network connected everywhere. However, at this point it has already been in the background after the release of the 4G and 5Gsomething that the companies that continue to work with this system have drastically noticed.

On the other hand, brands find themselves with two large problems and it is that: 1, there are mobile devices that are not prepared for the change and 2, they do not know what to do with them Active users They do not want to renew their services. From Vodafone they are already studying how to avoid affecting their customers, although they have not yet found any solution and have proposed to notify the cessation of activity via SMS. Likewise, in several Spanish cities tests are being carried out to verify that 5G is functional and will not leave people who decide to eliminate 3G for this alternative stranded.

Although it does not have an exact numerical date, it is estimated that for the 20253G has almost completely disappeared from the global paradigm.