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The 30 best ideas for a traveling Valentine

The 30 best ideas for a traveling Valentine

Valentine's Day It is a great day to enjoy the real gifts, but also to make exciting plans as a couple. A good dinner in the light of the candles will surely whisper in our ear some traveling plan to know the world and spend intense days together. Alone or with friends.

And as the world of travel is very broad, and the difference between being well or poorly prepared is so decisive, better be well equipped so that those days are truly an intense enjoyment, full of surprises but without fright.

And for that you have to think about all the stages of the trip. The first is the preparation of luggage. That we fit in the cabin if the plan is short and we do not want to spend more time at the airport than it touches, is essential. But then you have to know how to pack your suitcase. And some organizers are sure to help, like some bags of shoes, but avoid complications. Good locks …

And be careful with overweight, because it can cost us an eye of the face, which we can avoid with a suitcase weight like the one that appears a little lower.

Passport protectors and travel wallets are sure to be among the most popular in the Duty Free. Well, we can save a lot of money if we buy these products in advance. And it's important because one of the worst things that can happen to us is that something happens to our passport or losing a credit card and money.

And what else can ruin our trip? Undoubtedly, open the suitcase to reach our destination and discover that the bottle of fragrance or shampoo have been broken and have stained all our clothes. To avoid these situations, we must take liquid products in liquid-resistant bags!

Other important accessories are the backpacks, which you have to choose well so that they are durable enough and we can use them for years.

And once inside the plane we still have needs that we better anticipate and have already resolved. Like a mask if we think about sleeping, or a pair of compression socks if we are going to spend a lot of time sitting, or good headphones to not get bored …

Many products to give to our couple together with some tickets or a good experience box.

To prepare the luggage

The 30 best ideas for a traveling Valentine

Travel organizers Shacke

Made of water and tear resistant materials, these bags will help us organize the suitcase, and with a bag of dirty clothes to avoid odors and stains.

Adjustable belt

The Bag Bungee helps us carry two bags with one hand. It is an adjustable belt that allows to carry a heavy coat or a briefcase in the handle of the suitcase. One end attached to the handle of the case and the other end slides on the expandable handle.

Digital luggage scale Etekcity

This scale is very easy to use, measures accurately and does not take up space at home. It will help us to check and not worry about paying fees for the overweight of the suitcase.

Shvigel passport cover

This leather case with an elegant style will protect your passport from accidents.

Zoppen multi-purpose wallet with RFID protection

This multi-purpose wallet allows you to carry your passport, airline tickets, credit cards, cash and much more in a single accessory. In addition, it has RFID protection to prevent theft.

Shoe bag

Wearing shoes in the suitcase is always a challenge, but with these bags we will not have any problems. The shoes will be dry and clean all the way, as well as the clothes. It comes with two sizes for any number of footwear.

Tile Pro, luggage locator

Tile is a device that allows you to track the suitcase and locate it when it is lost. It connects via Bluetooth, an alarm sounds if it is less than 30 meters away. And in the same way, pressing the letter "e" of the Tile logo we can make our phone ring if we do not know where it is.

Its mobile application also allows to save the last site where our luggage was tracked. If someone takes our suitcase and goes out of Bluetooth range, we can use the community of Tile users to find our suitcase.

Your battery needs to be replaced every year.

Padlock for suitcases and backpacks

This padlock allows us to keep our belongings safe with a certificate from the Transportation Security Association (TSA). They are easy to use and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Makeup case and organizer

This makeup case and organizer will make life easier for many women. The dividers of the compartments can be adjusted according to the needs.

Bottles for shampoos and lotions

These bottles are ideal to carry our favorite toiletries without having to buy them again when we arrive at our destination. They are approved by the transport safety association (TSA).

Tags for suitcases

Made of high quality and resistant rubber, with identification card and back cover to hide the owner's information.

Suitcase Samsonite Neopulse

Suitcase of great capacity, with modern and elegant design. Double tube handle, double wheels with smooth twist and made of 100% polycarbonate, which makes it lighter. A size of 51 x 28 x 75 centimeters, a weight of 3.4 kilograms and a capacity of 94 liters. With a TSA lock.

American Tourister Bon Air

American Tourister is the second Samsonite brand. This model is lightweight, super resistant, 100% polypropylene with zipper, and makes the most of its space to offer the largest possible volume. With TSA lock with 3-digit combination for our security and 4 wheels that rotate 360º to facilitate handling. Size 54 x 29 x 75 cm.

Sulema cabin suitcase

This suitcase surprises with its front folding pocket to remove the laptop in the controls with ease, with a USB port to charge the mobile phone or tablet (battery not included).

Meets the maximum dimensions to carry in cabin of Ryanair, Vueling, Easyjet, Iberia and the rest of operators. Suitcase with wheels and handles 55x35x20cm, with a capacity of 40 liters.

Made of ABS and Polycarbonate, a light material, anti-shock and scratch-resistant. Zip and lock TSA.

For the plane

The 30 best ideas for a traveling Valentine

Pillow travel Trtl Pillow

Is there anything better than falling asleep before takeoff and waking up when the wheels come back to earth in our destination? For those who agree, we suggest this "pillow" travel, which actually looks more like a scarf with a hidden support structure that cradles the head to sleep relaxed, even in the center seat of the plane.

Kindle Paperwhite

Lighter than a paper book and capable of carrying hundreds of titles, the Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best book readers on the market. A full charge, allows reading for 4 hours a day and up to 6 weeks.

Bose QuietComfort 25

These Bose are the best noise-canceling headphones on the market, in terms of sound and comfort. And to travel, this effect will be very grateful.

Its technology is perhaps the best in the industry. They are lightweight and can be folded into the included carrying case for easy travel.

Noise cancellation works with an AAA battery that is recommended to change every 35 hours of use. Without it we can listen to music without a battery, thanks to the audio cable, but we can not enjoy noise cancellation.

It is important to make sure that we buy the right model for our Apple or Samsung device.

Audio Technica ATH-ANC23

These headphones are another good option with noise cancellation. They reduce the annoying background noise by 90% and work with a single AAA battery, which can last up to 60 hours playing music without stopping.

Sleep mask

This mask is the perfect travel accessory that helps us sleep peacefully. It is made of 100% natural silk on both sides, and is breathable. With a plastic trim and a Velcro so that it stays on the back of the head. It fits comfortably with ear plugs.

Compression socks

These compression socks are the best choice for long trips or any situation where we are sitting for many hours. They increase circulation through compression to avoid swollen legs and feet, and also keep feet warm. They are breathable and comfortable socks.

Anker portable battery

The Anker brand is used by more than 20 million people. This portable battery allows charging up to 4 times the iPhone 6s or 3 times the Galaxy S6. It has PowerIQ, MultiProtect and VoltageBoost technology to charge any device in the fastest, most efficient and safest way.

It is small, lightweight and with a power of 10,000 mAh that allows more than one load of most smartphones on the market. Includes a micro USB cable, a travel bag, a guide and 18 month warranty.

Nalgene Bottle

The Nalgene is known among those who practice mountaineering and for a very good reason: It is virtually indestructible and super light.

To explore

The 30 best ideas for a traveling Valentine

GoPro Hero submersible camera

This GoPro Hero camera has a quality of 10 MP, video in high quality 1080p and is submersible up to 10 meters without housing. With a 2-inch touch screen, to take a quick look. It can be controlled by voice and has WiFi and Bluetooth connection to control it remotely with the smartphone.

Alpha Keeper waist pack with RFID lock

Protected against theft, it blocks RFID signals and is water resistant. This fanny pack can be worn under clothes without being noticed.

ZOMAKE light backpack

This backpack is one of the best for hiking or hiking because of its great capacity and because it is super light. With a capacity of 20 liters, made of nylon, it is water resistant and allows it to be compressed to the size of a sandwich.

Bag to hang AmazonBasics

We are surprised by the storage capacity and its hardness. It has padded and easy to clean compartments for all needs, from makeup to toothpaste and brush.

Tancendes toilet bag

If we are worried that a bottle of perfume will break and spill all over our clothes while we travel, then this bag is the ideal solution to carry our products with liquids.

Swiss Gear 1900 Scansmart backpack

If we look for a backpack for the laptop that is resistant, this is our recommendation. This backpack is water resistant and has a padded compartment that opens quickly for airport security control without problems.

Patagonia travel bag

This Patagonia travel bag can be used over the shoulder, on the back or in the hand, and folds to the size of a super small cube. Ideal for excursions, it expands quickly, with plenty of pockets to organize your wallet, mobile and water bottle without going crazy.

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