July 10, 2020

The 3 good news in the fight against the coronavirus today March 29 – La Provincia

Spain and the rest of the world countries are struggling in the fight against covid-19. Although the coronavirus new victims are claimed every day and the numbers of those infected continue to rise, international efforts and the daily struggle of health personnel and scientists are also good news.

These are the three positive information related to the health crisis that we want to highlight on this day of March 29:

1. Fifth consecutive day of brake in the rise of infections

This is already the fifth day that a decrease in new infections. That is, every day more cases of infected people are registered, but for five days this rise has been less pronounced. On March 25, new infections had grown by 20.01%, while this Sunday they did so by 9.06%. In less than a week, this promotion has been cut in half.

This was one of the main objectives of confinement: curb the steepness of the curve to avoid the collapse of the health system, taking into account that 10% of all those infected will need to be in an ICU between seven and 10 days. With the number of deaths something similar happens to those infected. If on March 25 they had risen 27.37%, yesterday they did 14.73%.

2. Italy believes that in 10 days there will be a “significant decrease” in infections

The Vice Minister of Health of Italy, Pierpaolo Sileri, has estimated that the number of infections by coronavirus in the country will begin to register a marked decrease within a maximum period of ten days, as he said this Sunday in an interview with the BBC. “Over the past few days we have seen a increase in cases but has been due to an increase in evidence“he explained in the interview, at a time when Italy is approaching the threshold of 100,000 infections.

3. Paco’s story, 77 years and discharge from coronavirus

Francisco Barreiro García was born on March 25, 1943 and the 77 years he has released them in a hospital in Santiago de Compostela, where he was admitted. Afflicted with various pathologies, he tested positive for COVID-19 and survived. This Sunday you have been discharged: “I have the lives of a feline”, tells Efe.

The same as a cat, Paco has, as he is known, although seven seem few to him. “Legend has it, but they must have ten or twelve … Because I already have seven and nothing has happened,” he says ironically.

He is not misguided. Three heart attacks, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, insulin-dependent, hypertension, sepsis, a multi-organ failure that led to levels of “someone inert” and, now, coronavirus. You already have medical discharge.


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