September 26, 2020

The 3 good news in the fight against the coronavirus today April 9 – La Provincia

Spain and the rest of the countries of the world they toil in the fight against covid-19. Although the coronavirus new victims are claimed every day and the numbers of those infected continue to rise, international efforts and the daily struggle of health personnel and scientists are also good news.

These are the three positive information related to health crisis that EL PERIÓDICO wants to highlight on this day of April 9:

1. Contagions and deaths in Spain fall

The advance of the coronavirus has resumed its downward trend after two consecutive days on the rise with 5,756 new infections, which add up to 152,446, while the number of deceased reaches 15,338 after another 683 deaths in 24 hours, 74 less than on Wednesday.

2. Masks in vending machines

Bangkok has installed vending machines with cloth masks at several city rail stations, following the imposition on all passengers to carry them during their trip to stop the expansion of the covid-19. The masks, made by prisoners of the Department of Corrections, They can be purchased from this Thursday and cost 25 bat per unit ($ 0.76 or 0.7 euros).

According to Efe, the company will not make a profit from sales and they are considering expanding the number of machines to the rest of the stations.

3. Spain will bring 2,500 kilos of a drug suitable for treating covid-19 from India

Spain has reached an agreement with India to import up to 2,500 kilos of hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug used experimentally for the treatment of coronavirus. The operation, managed by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) and the Foreign Ministry, was closed on Wednesday, after the Indian government announced that it was lifting the veto after the closure of borders for the export of this active ingredient, as confirmed by diplomatic sources.


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