September 21, 2020

The 3 good news in the fight against the coronavirus today April 6 – La Provincia

Spain and the rest of the world countries are struggling in the fight against covid-19. Although the coronavirus claims new victims every day and the numbers of those infected continue to rise, international efforts and the daily struggle of health personnel and scientists are also good news.

These are the three positive information related to the health crisis that we highlight on this day of April 6:

1. The distribution of the emergency respirators manufactured by Seat begins

Correos has begun to deliver free of charge to the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital (Can Ruti) in Badalona (Barcelona) the emergency respirators that Seat is manufacturing and that have been developed in recent days by the health center itself, together with the Hospital Clinic and the University of Barcelona, ​​to alleviate the lack of these devices caused by the coronavirus crisis.

2. Solidarity in the epidemic with 3D

A citizen network that manufactures protective visors with domestic 3D printers is spread throughout the country and sends them to hospitals. In two weeks, Coronavirus Makers has produced 340,000 units. In Catalonia, the LibreGuard collective has manufactured another 11,000 with laser cutters.

Some believe prototypes of visors, goggles, helmets, respirators and other gadgets for healthcare personnel. Others make them on the 3D printers they have in their homes or in their businesses. Others offer their vehicles to take them to collection points, where others disinfect them, assemble them, package them and bring them closer to hospitals, nursing homes and health centers where this material is serving to save lives.

3. Clinic and Vall d’Hebron already balance income and discharge

Hospital Barcelona Clinic, the first in Catalonia to start treating cases of covid-19 In late February, for the first time since the epidemic began, it managed to balance hospital admissions and discharges. The same is true in Vall d’Hebron. The head of the Clinic’s Emergency Department, Ernest Bragulat, in an interview on RAC-1, pointed out that “the worst is not over yet” in terms of Intensive Care Units (ucis).

In Catalonia, there have been four consecutive days since the start of the epidemic, with a decrease in diagnosed cases and deaths, which would indicate that the curve is flattening or even starting to decrease.


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