May 11, 2021

The 24th edition of Masdanza brings together proposals from Russia, Taiwan, South Korea and China – La Provincia

The 24 edition of Masdanza, Canary Islands International Contemporary Dance Festival, He has completed the selection of dancers and choreographers who will participate in his new edition from October 12 to November 2. Artists from Russia, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Germany or Austria they will present their works in the two competitions to the festival contest in Maspalomas and then in different stages of the seven Canary Islands.

24Masdanza It is the only festival in Spain with two contest competitions, solo and choreographic, a unique meeting that will offer the latest works by young exponents of the national and international dance scene. The shows that can be enjoyed present the avant-garde of contemporary dance with its new forms of expression, movements, beauty and creativity € for the viewer to live a torrent of emotions in one of the most demanding disciplines.

The competition in the Solo Contest will present eight pieces of young choreographers and dancers from Germany, China, Taiwan, Austria, Israel, Italy Y Spain with the pieces Siri, Lost, The Invincible Swiftness of Golden Crow, Avo, Goofy, Sono Only Your Father and the Spanish Dreamlike Y Faralaes. Participants opt for Jury Prize, Audience Award, Most Outstanding Interpreter Award Y Acorán Award.

The eight pieces selected to participate in the Choreographic Contest arrive from Vietnam-Netherlands, South Korea, South Korea-Israel, Russia, China Y Spain: TRial, Cut, Loop, Bubble Y Exit they will compete with the Spanish, Idi-Begi, Young blood Y Comto which they can be distinguished with the Jury Prize, Audience Award, Most Outstanding Interpreter Award Y Acorán Award.

In addition, the organization offers different artistic residencesas in different scenic spaces as well as manages the participation of the winners in their programs with national and international programmers and festivals.


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