The 21st festival of the capital of Gran Canaria repeats with talks with actors and directors

The 21st festival of the capital of Gran Canaria repeats with talks with actors and directors

The actress Candela Peña in a scene from 'Hierro', a series shot on the island of Meridiano. / C7

José Coronado, Candela Peña, Raúl Arévalo, Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, Daniel Monzón and Imanol Uribe will take part in the sessions, in Miller

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The Conference on the cinematographic profession, directed by the event and content producer 18 Chulos, with local production by Salan Producciones, returns for the second consecutive year within the framework of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival organized by the City Council of the capital Gran Canaria.

In its new edition, the event repeats the scheme of seating three acting professionals and three leading filmmakers in two meetings that will take place on April 22 and 23 at the Miller Building.

José Coronado, Candela Peña and Raúl Arévalo will lead an open discussion on the profession of actor in the film industry on Friday, April 22, while Imanol Uribe, Daniel Sánchez Arévalo and Daniel Monzón will star in the second day devoted to the making , on Saturday the 23rd. As happened last year, José Miguel Monzón, El Gran Wyoming, will be in charge of moderating both sessions.

Due to the good reception that the initiative had last year by the students of teachings related to audiovisual and interpretation, the Conference, although open to the public, will be especially aimed at this group with whom the Festival works closely through of different sections, especially the new approach that is intended to be given to Magic Lantern.

The proposal for the second edition, or second season as the organizers refer to it, affects the level of the participants, among the six they gather more than a dozen Goya awards, and different recognitions from the industry.

In all cases, they are professionals with solid careers, with numerous nominations and exquisite achievements. Careers that, in addition, have given them great popularity inside and outside the industry.

Within the extensive filmography of José Coronado, Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (2016), the Goya for Best Actor stands out for 'There will be no peace for the wicked' by Enrique Urbizu

Three Goya statuettes in recognition of her role as an actress have been achieved by the Catalan Candela Peña. Her work in 'I give you my eyes' by Icíar Bollaín (2003), 'Princesses', by Fernando León de Aranoa (2005) and 'A pistol in each hand' by Cesc Gay (2012) earned her recognition for the She had been nominated five other times.

The career of the third actor on the list, also director and screenwriter Raúl Arévalo, has earned him four Goya awards to date.

The three will sit in front of the public, next Friday, April 22, to talk about their beginnings in the cinema, the decisions that marked their careers or the differences when approaching a character in the cinema and the series, among many others. details of his acting profession.

Imanol Uribe, Daniel Monzón and Daniel Sánchez Arévalo will take over the Conference a day later, on Saturday the 23rd. The filmmakers will discuss the essence of cinema as a profession and the challenges it faces in the current scenario. Auteur cinema, new formats or their dream projects will be some of the topics that the three directors will deal with on this second day.

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