The 21st festival is committed to a condensed vision of current cinema that travels through the margins

The 21st festival is committed to a condensed vision of current cinema that travels through the margins

Encarna Galván and Luis Miranda, this Wednesday, at the Rodríguez Quegles mansion during the presentation of this 21st edition of the festival. / ARCADIO SUAREZ

Ten feature films and eleven shorts make up the Official Section of an event that will take place at the Cinesa El Muelle from April 22

Victoriano Suarez Alamo

With no capacity restrictions in theaters, totally face-to-face and with a "condensed" program that eliminates the usual burdens of moviegoers to see everything that interests them at festivals, the 21st edition of the international film event in the capital of Gran Canaria is presented , which will take place between April 22 and May 1.

A total of 95 films, short films included and more than half in competition, will be screened in the six Cinesa theaters in the El Muelle Shopping Center and in the Miller Hall in Santa Catalina Park, Luis Miranda, director of the Festival, announced yesterday.

The reduction of titles that will be exhibited seeks to reduce festival "oversaturation" to which this event has not been alien in previous deliveries, Miranda acknowledges.

The epicenter of the program is once again the Official Section, as is now traditional, which will feature ten feature films and eleven shorts. "Four first works and almost full parity are included," says the director about the presence of women and men among the filmmakers.

«It is a fairly young edition. The oldest of those selected was born in 1969 and the youngest, in 1991. The origin of the titles is very diverse, even from unusual places here such as Vietnam or Rwanda. All very distributed, without biases or geographical distributions”, explains Luis Miranda about a selection process that was developed after the viewing of nearly 600 productions.

Fiction and non-fiction, in their different planes and perspectives, coexist again within this "tasting of the state of the art, always on the margins and without investments that commerciality seeks" that emerges from the different sections of this 21st installment of the contest.

The local with a universal vocation and a very important presence of relationships and family lives, advances Miranda, mark the passage of many of the planned titles.

The feature films that will be screened in the Official Selection are: 'Children of the Mist', by the Vietnamese filmmaker Ha Le Diem; 'Coma', by the French Bertrand Bonello; 'Father's Day', a Rwandan production from Kivu Ruhorahoza; Geographies of Solitude, by the Canadian Jacquelyn Mills; 'The Middle Ages', by Argentines Alejo Moguillansky and Luciana Acuña; 'Memoryland', a Vietnamese-German co-production directed by Kim Quy Bui; 'Nuclear Family', by Americans Erin Wilkerson and Travis Wilkerson; the Lithuanian 'Piligrimai, by Laurynas Bareisa; the North American 'Shared Resources' of Jordan Lord; and the Swiss-French and Belgian co-production 'La ligne', by Ursula Meier.

The jury that is in charge of deciding a list of winners that heads the Lady Harimaguada award is made up of the filmmaker Lucile Hadzihalilovic, to whom a cycle is dedicated, the director of the Tallinn Black Nights festival, Tiina Lokk, and the writer and president from the Cinema Aid Funds Commission, Moroccan Cinematographic Center, Rita El Khayat, who will also participate in a talk that will take place at Casa África, on April 27, starting at 7:00 p.m.

Carlos Sospedra, John Canciani and Sarah Schlüessel make up the jury for the Official Short Film Section. The selected titles are: 'A Guitar in the Bucket' by Boyoung Kim (South Korea, 2021, 15 min.); Morgan Quaintance's 'A Human Certainty' (UK, 2021, 20 min.); 'Ashkhar', out of competition by Christine Haroutounian (United States, Armenia, 2020, 22 min.); NEOZOON's 'Biting the Dust' (Germany, 2021, 13 min.); 'Curupira e machine of destiny' by Janaina Wagner (Brazil, France, 2021, 25 min.); 'I Remember It Rained' by Connor Simpson (United States, 2021, 12 min.); 'Madrugada' by Leonor Noivo (Portugal, 2021, 28 min.); 'Mater Inerta' by Adrià E. Goy (Spain, 2022, 28 min.); 'Saei Mikonam Faramoush Nakonam' / I'm Trying to Remember by Pegah Ahangarani (Iran, Czech Republic, 2021, 16 min.); 'Somleng Reatrey' / Sound of the Night by Chanrado Sok, Kongkea Vann (Cambodia, 2021, 20 min.); 'Soum' by Alice Brygo (France, 2021, 31 min.); and 'When Night Meets Dawn' by Andreea Cristina Borțun (Romania, 2021, 20 min.). Except for 'Mater Inerta', they are all premieres in Spain.

Luis Miranda, together with the Councilor for Culture of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council, Encarna Galván, assured this Wednesday that the total budget for this edition amounts to 550,000 euros, with a municipal contribution of 470,000 euros.

Camera Obscura is enhanced and Banda Apart gives life to the most risky

The Miller room will be the space in which the section called Camera Obscura will be developed, one of those that the organization of this 21st edition has decided to "promote". To such an extent that the screening of 'Nosferatu', the Murnau classic with live music by Jozef van Wissem, will star in the opening ceremony on April 22nd. This title, which inspires this year's poster, will be screened again in a second showing with a selection of performers from the International Bach Festival of the Canary Islands.

This section dedicated to silent cinema with live music is completed with screenings of 'Nanuk, the Eskimo', by Robert Flaherty, and one of the 23 newsreels 'Kino-Pravda' by Dziga Vertov, Elizaveta Svilova and Mikhail Kaufman. In both cases, the musical section will feature Jonay Armas, Carolina Rodríguez and Juan Carlos Trujillo. The restored version of 'The Passion of Joan of Arc' will be accompanied by the trio of Carlos Oramas, Adrián Linares and Diego Pérez.

Banda Apart includes titles that, according to Luis Miranda, are more experimental and "reflect on cinema itself". The films that will compete for the prize of 5,000 euros are: 'Screening Room', by Jessica McGoff; Payal Kapadia's 'A Night of Knowing Nothing'; 'Sine die', by Camila Moreiras; Mike Hoolboom's 'Freedom from Everything'; 'Nazarbazi', by Maryam Tafakory; 'A plant in the desert', by Claudia Sánchez; 'Rewind&Play', by Alain Gomis; 'Metaleptic Attack', by Johannes Binotto; and 'The Timekeepers of Eternity', by Aristotelis Maragkos.

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