October 28, 2020

The 21 most anticipated Spanish albums of 2020 – La Provincia

The time has come to review the most anticipated national albums of the new year. With rock, with pop, with a bit of everything because when the music is varied it is more fun and, incidentally, so we all get rich, perhaps finding proposals that catch us by surprise. For good, it is understood. Let’s go there.


The Aragonese literally started the year announcing his return and this week he presented ‘Desires to use and throw away’, a surprising first preview of his next album – still undated – in the form of an electronic bolero. The icing, a video tribute to Twin Peaks starring Sherilyn Fenn, muse of David Lynch.

Fito and Fitipaldis

Six years have passed since the last record of Fito & Fitipaldis, that ‘Running away with me from 2014’. The drought will come to an end this year, as the group announced days ago, they will record in February what will be their seventh album and plan to publish and present it live in the fall.

Love of lesbian

Almost four years have passed since the launch in March 2016 of ‘The Halley Poet’. While still on tour, the band had been working on their next album for months and at the end of 2019 they announced that they were entering the studio this January. So they are really in it.

Dani Martín

Doing what he wants, he has first announced the tour – with four WiZink Center already filled for autumn – without clarifying the details of the album. He has released, yes, the single ‘The lie’ as a preview of a work that he has defined as “very funny, very popular and very radio.”

Vetusta Morla

MSDL – Songs within songs‘is the title of the next album by Vetusta Morla, whose publication is scheduled, both in physical and digital format, by 2020. The band’s new album starts from reinterpretation from another perspective of the ten songs that make up’ Same Site, Different Place ‘(2017).

Mala Rodriguez

Speaking to NEO2, the rapper said about her new and sixth album: “We’re about to finish it, it’s a collection of simple ones full of strength“A new important step in his career, even more than having been awarded in 2019 with the National Prize for Current Music.


Omnipresent in our lives for a year and a half, Rosalia finished touring in December with great concerts in Barcelona and Madrid. But that does not mean that we will be very much without knowing about it, because it has already advanced to W Magazine that it has been working on its third album, continuation of the acclaimed ‘The bad will’ (2018) with the clear intention of launching it in 2020.

Pablo Alboran

It was during his last visit last November the television program ‘El Hormiguero’ when the Malaga released, in the company of singer Ava Max – with whom he presented the duet ‘Taboo’-, the bomb that his fans were waiting for: “2020 will be the year in which we will release our albums … No Ava?”. Well, that.

Pablo Lopez

Pablo took an exponential leap with ‘Road, fire and freedom’ (2017), consolidating since then as the essential name of pop in Spanish. He himself, as it is already tradition, has been responsible for advancing in social networks that he is composing, so we can expect new music sooner rather than later.

Marc Ros, Jesús Senra and Axel Pi They have been missing all year. That basically means that they are working on it and, no, it is not an assumption, as the group tells it from time to time on social networks. You have no date for now.

The sticker

The Sticker is now in its winter barracks before a small European tour in March. Except for a couple of summer festivals, that will be all until autumn, when they will visit great enclosures of Zaragoza, A Coruña, Madrid and Bilbao to present the new album they are preparing.

The enemies

The legendary rock band met in 2012 after a decade and in 2014 published their first album in fifteen years. Now it has taken only six to announce for March 6 the advent of ‘Bestieza’, a work they just presented ‘Seven thousand songs’.

M Clan

After opening their respective solo careers for the first time in 25 years, Carlos Tarque and Ricardo Ruipérez will return this 2020 to get on their mother band to record a live acoustic album. “A ‘Without plug’ with some songs that have not sounded acoustic, some new theme and some version, “Ruipérez advances to Europa Press.

The Ear of Van Gohg

“From October we begin to compose and we are already at the top with the new album. By 2020 there will be a new album,” vocalist Leire told the publication Entre Focos in the summer of 2019. The truth is that this return is coming, four years after ‘The imaginary planet’.

Fuel Fandango

The fourth album of the duo composed of Nita and Ale Acosta will arrive as early as January 24. Its titled ‘Origen’ will deepen its fusion of flamenco with electronics and all kinds of rhythms and we have already been able to hear advances like ‘I will wake up’, ‘Hurricane of flowers’ or ‘My dance’.

Bizarro Love Triangle

On December 31, the band published on social networks: “In this bizarre house, we are looking forward to 2020 so we can finally show our new album. We wish you all a lot of love and a lot of bravery #newyear #newnewisco #newside #new songs #new #nuevostrajes “.

Xoel López

The Galician has already almost the continuation of ‘Dreams and bread’ (2017), as can be seen from the posts he has been doing for some time now on Instagram. “Recording the video of what will be the first advance single. Soon more info and more everything,” he said on January 9.


“If there is anything we want in this 2020, it is from Sidecars. The troops are already shaping what will be their new album,” I wrote the group’s office a few days ago on social networks. There is no date, but remember that three years have passed since ‘Matter of gravity’.

The killer swing

Pamplona’s new album, ‘Celestial Attack’, will be released on February 21. Four years of waiting will be finished since its previous delivery, preceded in recent days by advance singles such as ‘Sirenas de Noon’.

Mutant Children

The Grenadians will release album in March with the title of ‘Windows’. And it won’t be any recordWell, they have worked with five different producers (all renowned: recognized and recognizable) that represent five different ways of working with the songs, in five different studios, in five moments 2019.

Varry Brava

Varry Brava returns with a new album in 2020 and the first single is expected for the same month. This will be the fifth work of the Murcian band and will see the light after a recording process that “follow the line of fun, vitality and madness so characteristic of the group“.


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