The 2020 Herralde Prize, Luisgé Martín, revives his work ‘One Hundred Nights’ in Tejeda

The writer Luisgé Martín, winner of the 2020 Herralde Novel Prize, presented his work One Hundred Nights in Tejeda yesterday, accompanied by the mayor of the municipality, Francisco Juan Perera, and the Councilor for Culture, María Eugenia Suárez, before a full capacity in the red room of the consistory.

During the meeting, which is part of the project Not only books, Martín presented to the audience this erotic and black novel in which he analyzes the different forms that lies take. In One Hundred Nights, Irene, its protagonist, begins her research work with laboratory work on the sexual behavior of rats, but ends up obsessing over investigating fidelity and promiscuity in human beings. It is then that he travels to Chicago to do his university studies in Psychology, and there, far from his family, he begins to almost scientifically analyze the men with whom he sleeps.

This work is at the same time a novel of sentimental reflection, of erotic investigation and of police pursuit of a murderer who has not left any trace of his crime. Its pages explore the different forms of love – some radical and extreme – and the various sexual behaviors, every time a record of loyalty, infidelity, unspeakable desires, taboos, half-truths and deceptions that surround our relationships is drawn up. .

And as a game, it incorporates a series of adultery files that the author asked the writers Edurne Portela, Manuel Vilas, Sergio del Molino, Lara Moreno and José Ovejero, in a stimulating exercise of literary promiscuity.


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