April 20, 2021

The 2019 “horribilis” of Boeing: more cancellations than orders

The company closes the year with the loss 87 orders and 380 deliveries, less than half a year before

Coronado Airbus as king of the aeronautical sector 2019, it remained to know the distance that the European consortium had achieved over its maximum rival, Boeing. And the gap between one and the other is, right now, abysmal in all areas. The Chicago-based company reported that, for the first time in 16 years, received more cancellations than orders. Specifically, the manufacturer received 246 orders, its lowest level since 2003. However, after successive cancellations, this number was reduced to 54. If this is added to another series of orders that Boeing will hardly keep in its order book, mainly due to the bankruptcy of the Indian airline Jet Airlines; the end result is that Boeing lost 87 orders, what represents your first negative balance in 30 years, a company spokesperson explained to the American television network CNBC. After this “annus horribilis”, order backlog of the American company stood at the end of 2019 in 5,046 units, compared to 7,482 that Airbus accumulates.

The deliveries the company didn’t do very well either. In total, delivered 380 aircraft, the lowest figure in the last 30 years, after registering a 53% crash due to the stoppage of deliveries of the Boeing 737 MAX, the origin of the crisis that Boeing is going through. In December, for example, the multinational did not receive a single order for this model, the one that the manufacturer has sold the fastest in its history and whose manufacturing is now paralyzed. His record contrasts with the record that Airbus registered, which dispatched 863 devices to its customers, the best data in its history.

American Airlines has delayed the return of 737 MAX until June

The march of Boeing continues, and it seems that it will continue many months, ballasted by the 737 MAX. The company continues to work on improvements that allow it to recertify the device, on the ground since two fatal accidents at the end of 2018 and in March 2019 cost 346 people their lives and lead the world air authorities to ban these devices from flying . But, for now, the horizon for the plane to return to the sky seems far away. American Airlines, for example, has eliminated 737 MAX flights from its schedule until at least the beginning of June, two months later than expected so far. The airline, keeping these planes on the ground has already cost 540 million dollars. Although he has reached an agreement with Boeing to compensate him for these damages, the amount of compensation has not transcended.

In recent weeks, various revelations have put the return of the plane even more uphill. The company has detected that the tail wiring configuration could cause new problems in the future. In addition, last week he published hundreds of internal communications in which his own employees questioned the device even before the accidents. One of them came to ensure that the 737 MAX had been “Designed by clowns” who had been “supervised by monkeys.” Another revealed that alleged problems with the simulator would have been hidden from the American regulator (FAA) to obtain certification of the device.


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