May 18, 2021

The 2018/2019 Income campaign will begin on April 2 and end on July 1

The 2018/2019 Income campaign will begin on April 2 and end on July 1


The Income and Heritage campaign of 2018 begin to the next day April 2 for the presentation by internet and by telephoneor, and will last until July 1, according to the taxpayer's calendar prepared by the Tax Agency. Specifically, on April 2, the campaign for the presentation of the Income and Equity 2018 declarations, as well as for those taxpayers wishing to make the Income Tax return by telephone, started.

Those taxpayers who prefer that the Tax Agency be the one that calls them to present their declaration, can arrange an appointment, as of April 1, online and in the following telephone numbers: 901 12 12 24/91 535 73 26 or 901 22 33 44/91 553 00 71.

Likewise, those who opt for the presencial presentation in collaborating entities, autonomous communities and offices of the AEAT of the annual income statement 2018 is scheduled to be made as of May 14.

The term of the 2018 campaign will end on July 1 in general, although it will conclude earlier, on June 26, in the cases of declarations with result to enter with domiciliation consider.

The Declaration of the Rent of 2018 will already incorporate the exemption from the withholding of maternity and paternity benefits, as well as the extension of the deduction for large families, up to 600 euros per year, for each of the children who are part of the large family that exceeds the minimum number of children required for said family to have acquired the status of a large family of a general or special category, among others.

Last year's campaign introduced as news the possibility of submitting statements through the mobile application and the option of requesting a prior appointment for the Plan "We call you", through which the AEAT calls taxpayers and prepares them and presents the declaration by telephone.

Electronic submission via Internet can be done with electronic ID, electronic certificate, PIN code or reference number. For all models, the electronic DNI and / or the electronic certificate may be used, of natural persons, representatives of legal entities and any other entity. The PIN code and the reference number can only be used by individuals.

In the 2017 campaign they presented a total of 19.98 million declarations, almost 260,300 more than the previous year (+ 1.3%). Of that total, 13.97 million (-0.5%) went to return, with an amount of just over 10,000 million euros (+ 0.2%), and 5.2 million (+ 7.3%) they were to enter, for a total of 10,379 million euros (+ 15.8%).


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