April 20, 2021

The 1×1 of the Classic

The 1x1 of the Classic

The quarter-final of the Copa left a match even. Madrid began better, with Benzema; Barça improved, in which Malcom drew


Ter Stegen, with his feet

He could not do anything in Lucas Vázquez's goal. He gave continuity to the team game with his passes.

Semedo, offensive

Madrid attacked a lot on their side. He suffered back, but he got up all the time to the attack and it was dangerous.

Piqué, imperial

Great match of the central one. He helped Semedo against Vinicius. He cut everything by land and by air.

Lenglet, he was overtaken

Lucas Vázquez could with him in the goal of Madrid. For the rest, the center fielded the ball well. Right.

Jordi Alba, appeared

In the first part, nothing at all. After his career was decisive for the tie. With Messi he was seen more.

Busquets, from less to more

It started gray, but his best minutes, in the second part, coincided with the best football time of his team.

Rakitic, to the crossbar

Without much presence, he ended up substituted. His header went to the crossbar.

Arthur, the touch

True to the team's game and his own, he distributed the ball with judgment.

Malcom, the surprise

Entered by Messi and fought, but often decides wrong. Failed one-on-one, but scored the equalizer.

Coutinho, did he play?

Missed the opportunity to stand out in an important appointment.

Luis Suárez, fight

He likes these games. He did not score, although his left-footed shot was decisive for Malcom's goal.

Arturo Vidal, to the fight

He stole a couple of interesting balls and his leg went with a kick.

Messi, reserve

He entered the second part, participated, but it was seen that he was not one hundred percent.

Aleñá, slow

He did not know how to define an occasion. He did not have much time either.


Keylor Navas, well

With his hands he stopped what came to him. It was somewhat slow in the equalizer of Barcelona.

Carvajal, without problems

He did not suffer back, he did not attack too much. A comfortable match for him, although the 1-1 came by his side.

Ramos, an insurance

He tried to always get ahead of Luis Suarez, with whom he had a good fight.

Varane, companion

Well next to Sergio Ramos, despite some confusion.

Marcelo, loose

He had a hard time against Malcolm and Semedo and it was not dangerous up there either.

Marcos Llorente, injured

His dark job was cut by an injury to the abductor.

Modric, details

With the ball, well as always, moved his own when they had the domain. He kicked more than usual.

Kroos, arriver

Vinicius did not see him in a clear counter. Their shots from a distance also found no goal.

Vinicius, daring

It started like a shot. Madrid seeks him. Although sometimes it makes wrong decisions, it gives a sense of danger.

Benzema, elegant

His first half hour was to frame: went down to the center of the field, held the ball and generated the 1-0. Then it cost more.

Lucas Vázquez, almost perfect

He scored the goal, worked in defense and in the final minutes he was again dangerous in attack.

Casemiro corrected himself

He went to the lawn confused, but then did his job.

Bale, dangerous

In the final minutes he gave the Barça defenders a hard time.

Asensio, without time

He could hardly prove anything.


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