April 11, 2021

The 1×1 of Real Madrid against Ajax

The 1x1 of Real Madrid against Ajax

Courtois, savior

A hand in hand with Tadic, another with Dolberg at the end, well in the far shots … In the goal he could not do anything.

Carvajal, from less to hands

He spent a lot of trouble before Neres and lost many balls. Better after the break. He attended for 1-2.

Ramos, immense

The best and most regular of theirs. A wall above, below, at the cut …

Nacho, right

With many doubts at the beginning, it got better with the passage of minutes.

Reguilón, clueless

He tried it in some way, but it cost him more than other days.

Casemiro suffered

He was a victim of Ajax pressure. Imprecise.

Modric, intermittent

When he had the ball he calmed down his team.

Kroos, loose

It cost him to send in the center of the field.

Bale, missing

It was not his best game, although he does not need it to score goals. In Amsterdam he did not succeed.

Vinicius, the revolution

The most dangerous of Real Madrid, the origin of Benzema's goal. It always gives a feeling of danger.

Benzema, resolutive

He did not participate as much in the game, but the first one he had, he went inside.

Lucas Vázquez, participatory

He replaced Bale and tried on a couple of arrivals.

Asensio, the one who follows …

He finished several times from outside and did not score for a bit, until he did not forgive after Carvajal's great pass.

Mariano, to the fight

With hardly any time, he fought, but he barely touched the ball.


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