Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The 1x1 of Espanyol against Girona

El 1x1 del Espanyol contra el Girona

Rubi's cost them horrors but they were victorious from the battle in Montilivi. An awful first part was dignified by Darder with two melons from outside the area that changed the color of the match.

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Diego López, 5: Insecure

In the last matches I had not had too much work and I could see that Stuani was going to be different. He was not as sure as usual and Girona grew with the centers to the area. He almost stopped Stuani's penalty.

Naldo, 6: Sufferer

It's a tank and that gave some security in the face of having to stop someone else like that, Stuani. It started weak but with the passage of minutes it was growing.

Mario Hermoso, 7: Territorial

He scored ground and made sure there were no nonsense in defense. His character and pride were vital to stop the Girona. An error due to over confidence in the goal could have been Girona's first goal.

Rosales, 6: Unfortunate

Gave Espanyol air in attack. In the first half the attack actions were overturned, especially in his side. Very safe and reliable, this time also in defense, like when he bothered Portu and avoided a goal. However, some of his hands that ended in a penalty meant Girona's draw.

Javi López, 7: Proud

Against Girona, its automatic renewal was completed for one more year. He is the captain of the ship and he demonstrated why. Although somewhat slow to his back, he was forceful in defense and serene and loose with the ball. He saw the yellow soon and did not meet.

Marc Roca, 7: Enfangado

Because of how the match was presented, he was forced to go down into the mud. He fought with everyone, from Stuani to Portu through Granell. Essential element for the Rubi set.

Víctor Sánchez, 5: Misplaced

He was not comfortable at any time during the first half. Outperformed by rivals and largely misplaced by actions. Improved in the second part.

Sergi Darder, 8: Believer

In the first part, without appearing too much, already warned with a volley from the front. In the second, he burst it twice. To tell the truth, it was not his best match because he played too heeled in the band, but he believed, he pulled courage and led Espanyol to victory.

Melendo, 5: Flashing

He did not enjoy the prominence that is expected and went unnoticed in too many sections of the game. Even so, when he had occasions to free himself, he gave free rein to his quality, which has no limits.

Wu Lei, 6: Bold

The most persistent in attack. He stole it from Muniesa and sent it to the side of the network. Later he put a good center wasted by Borja Iglesias and then he dared with a Vaseline that went astray. With the minutes it was diluted. He replaced Puado in 75 '.

Borja Iglesias, 4: Hieratic

To understand the party of churches should analyze the Stuani, his counterpart. The second was a nightmare for the defense of Espanyol 90 '. The first made good to the central Girona. He participated in Darder's first goal, but much more is expected of him.

Javi Puado: Parvo

Very little to frighten the defense of Girona.

Pedrosa, 5: Active

He came in for an injured Javi Lopez and gave him a dangerous ball inside the area.

Sergio García, 5: Present

He did not have time to do practically nothing.

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