October 30, 2020

The 1906 stories of Benjamin Prado for an immense minority | Culture

To create is to believe. To create is not to surrender to the idea that everything is invented.

To create is to know that the impossible is only what has not yet been said, what has not yet been done.

Stories for an immense minority is the exact moment of creation.

Stories for an immense minority is the union of two universes that merge and invent a new one. Stories that come out of a barrel, a kitchen, a theater or a rehearsal room, and merge with the pen, with the word well said. Stories that tell their authors, but also tell you; They tell us all who look at the world from this other place. Stories that connect us, that find us around the same table, of the same beer, close to the authentic, even if that means taking our own path and getting away from the rest.

Because we are for many, but we are not for everyone. We are Cervezas 1906. We are for an immense minority.

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