November 30, 2020

The 173 workers of La Naval begin the judicial battle to stop their dismissals | Economy

The 173 workers of La Naval begin the judicial battle to stop their dismissals | Economy

After the labor, political and social battles, the 173 employees of La Naval, have agreed on Tuesday to start the judicial battle. Gathered in assembly in the facilities of the shipyard have decided to appeal the car they received yesterday and that, to be firm, would mean the end of the historic company and the "exile" -in expression of the employees- of the around 150 of the 173 dismissed workers who may be relocated to any of the Navantia plants.

In parallel, they will continue to try to get both the Basque and the central administration to resume their contacts with Van Oord to make the boat they had planned, the dredge Vox Alexia. "We believe it is possible, that there is still an opportunity, that despite everything you can fight for it", assured the secretary of the works council, Juanjo Llordén. The Basque administration and the central think that the luck of the shipyard is cast. The ship owner's speech has not changed for four months and delves into the idea that the dredger will not be finished in the Sestao shipyard without the economic injection of a new private investor.

After the assembly, some 300 workers, relatives and trade unionists have demonstrated in the center of Bilbao, to the headquarters of the Basque Government of the SPRI, the Public Society for Competitive Transformation, to place the Basque Department of Industry and Competitiveness, intensify your contacts in search of a solution. The works council considers that it is a priority to give a new impetus to the negotiations between the governments and the shipowner with the aim of achieving as soon as possible that it change its position and resume the construction works of the dredged dredge in the shipyard. The Naval of Sestao He ran out of money in November. The administrator contestsHe told the staff that they had just received the shipyard's last salary and that he was beginning to negotiate the ERE for extinction.

The unions ELA and CAT, which have confirmed their intention to appeal the car with the dismissals, have explained immediately that the objective is to gain time before the dismantling of the firm, because they believe that an agreement with Van Oord is still feasible. "During the six, seven or eight months" the resource lasts, you can go back to work in the shipyard, "Llordén explained," since most of the workforce could do it, even if they were on Navantia's payroll and the rest with Temporary contracts. "They have also confirmed that in case of any movement in the next few hours they would rule out the judicial recourse.

The assembly has also decided to hold a rally in the Plaza Nueva in Bilbao on Wednesday due to the expected presence of President Pedro Sánchez. Likewise, on Thursday 7 they will hold a demonstration in the streets of Sestao starting at 6:00 p.m. and on the 15th they will travel to Madrid to meet with the Minister of Industry.


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