The 15th Festivalito starts under the slogan 'Reset, let's not go back to normal ...' - La Provincia

The fifteenth edition of the Festivalito de La Palma raised the curtain last weekend with an inaugural gala that made it clear what was going on: cinema, cinema and more cinema. Of course, with the maximum security and hygiene measures. The sweet melodies of the musical group Adversos invited attendees to the first night of the Festivalito last Saturday for a walk through the soundtracks of mythical films such as, Dracula, The Immortals, Life is Beautiful or Motorcycle diaries. Pleasant moments that, after the presentation of Alba Cabrera and José Víctor Fuentes [director del Festivalito], gave way to the humor of Aarón Gómez, who, by surprise, arrived accompanied by the humorists Víctor Hubara and Abián Díaz. And between laughter and laughter, Aristides Moreno also appeared, who raised his spirits again, more if possible, with his song Happiness and wishing a "Feliztivalito".


José Alayón and Marina Alberti, from the production company El Viaje Films, first of the tribute stars of this edition, assured during the gala that "in some way, between the Festivalito and the Viaje Films there is a certain parallel due to the crazy need to carry out a project out dragging by a lot of people who like to do movie theater"

Later, the Bolivian filmmaker Rodrigo Bellot lamented because "I come from a country where just a couple of months ago the Ministry of Culture was definitively canceled and, therefore, the award is dedicated to my nation." Finally, the third star-tribute was awarded to the actor Catalan Sergi López, who recalled "that everything had started as a game when I was 16 years old and that the passage of time has brought me here, to the Festivalito".

In addition, 14 short films considered of the most outstanding in the life of this festival were screened, in which the growth and maturation of the works could be perceived, as well as the experience acquired and the knowledge of the digital format, which has been captured just like a photo album where you see a son grow up. On the other hand, as is tradition at the Festivalito, during the gala the slogan of this edition was announced, on which the short films that will be filmed this week within La Palma Rueda, the star section of express cinema of the Festivalito.

La Palma poet, editor and manager Elsa López, godmother of this edition, accompanied by Sergi López, read together the motto at the end of the opening gala, which is Reset, let's not go back to normal, normality was the problem. Therefore, this is the spirit that must go through the work of the more than 200 registered in La Palma Wheel.

A week of intense cinematographic activity begins already, where the organization of the Festivalito has deployed a security protocol with La Palma company Evento 7 to guarantee that the distance, safety and hygiene measures against the Covid-19. In addition, yesterday the traditional "fraternization lunch" was also held so that the participants could get to know each other, and where this year, in addition, the "Club de la sabia viejuna" was presented. This select club, which can be entered by anyone who has "survived" more than ten Festivalitos, brings with it wisdom and experience. They are the connoisseurs of the philosophy of the festival, the perfect nooks for filming, the people who will help or the best place to see the stars. For this reason and to remain hooked on this madness, the Festivalito will make a "special recognition" to all these people.

And without losing sight of this situation, the Festivalito does not renounce its status as a meeting point for entertainment and fun, always remembering that security measures must be respected, but neither does it renounce being a platform for the vindication and social commitment of that art called cinema. Until next August 8 - it should be remembered that, starting on the 5th, the meeting moves from Los Llanos de Aridane to Santa Cruz de La Palma-, the inhabitants of La Palma will once again have the opportunity to enjoy it.


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