The 13, the number of good luck for the islanders overlooking the Gordo - La Provincia

It is the number of bad luck, they say, but it is still preferred by the Canaries when looking for a termination for the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw that takes place tomorrow Sunday. The 13, bad omens for some and source of illusions for many, is like every year and as in the rest of the national territory the number most requested by the Canarian population. The most curious thing about this election, however, is that this termination has only been graced with the popular Gordo on one occasion: in 2016 the ball corresponding to the first prize of the draw was 66513. That year, the fate of Gordo passed long by the archipelago.

Greater fortune has had the other two most requested terminations in the Canary Islands historically: 15 and 69. That of the pretty girl or a spicy mind leads lottery buyers to request these two numbers frequently. Both have achieved the complicity of the drums four and five times respectively. The 15 was the completion of the first prize in 1866, 1899, 1897 and 1982 while the 69 achieved the coveted Gordo in 1894, 1996 and 1985. Of these, only 21515 graceful the year of the World Cup in Spain in the Islands stood out in the Islands , although in this case in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

It is also true that the Archipelago has not been especially prolific in terms of receiving what is popularly known as the rain of millions at Christmas. Only nine times has the Gordo been sold in the Islands, Lotteries and State Betting data that would have to be subtracted from the first prize of 2007 assigned to Puerto de la Cruz and that was actually returned when not selling a single tenth .

By provinces, the residents of Las Palmas have had more luck since the first prize has fallen to a total of 17 municipalities of the eastern islands compared to the 14 of Santa Cruz de Tenerife that have been fortunate. Of course, technology has also brought changes in the way of buying Christmas Lottery and the acquisition through terminals has arrived to revolutionize the Gordo system. There are two clear examples of this circumstance. On the one hand, the fact that it is increasingly common that the number of the first prize is widely distributed throughout the Spanish geography and that in the case of the Canary Islands gave the joy of December 22 to almost thirty Canarian municipalities.

Numbers in the video terminal

On the other hand, the provision of tenths ends up being mere guidance. For example, in the western province tickets have been distributed for an approximate value of 57.76 euros per inhabitant, but there are many more who choose to buy a number through the video terminal, which raises sales. The reflection is the popular administration located at the Granadilla gas station, which has become a classic in the lottery celebration and to which many users come to acquire at least a tenth even if it is not traditional.

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