March 1, 2021

The 118-year-old Bolivian receives a social housing

Bolivian President Evo Morales delivered social housing to Bolivian Julia Flores on Sunday, considered one of the longest living persons in the world at 118 years of age, who lives in the center of the country.

The house is located in the municipality of Sacaba, in the central region of Cochabamba, where Flores lives, whom they affectionately call Mama Julia.

Morales explained that he had asked the Ministry of the Presidency to manage the delivery of "a small house" to Flores, who will turn 119 on October 26.

"Coincidentally, we were born on the same date, on October 26," said the president, who will be 60 years old that day.

"We are providing a small house for the longest sister in Bolivia, a small contribution," he added.

Mama Julia, born on October 26, 1900, lives in Sacaba, a city near Cochabamba, with a niece, since she has no children.

Last year on her birthday, she was nominated for the Guinness record as the oldest woman on the planet.

The Gerontology Research Group (GRG) does not include Bolivian in its list, which is headed by the Japanese Kane Tanaka with 116 years, among a total of 33 people worldwide with more than 112.

Julia Flores, who only speaks Quechua, is known in Bolivia and abroad for her joviality, with a typical image of her playing the charango, an Andean string instrument similar to a small guitar, surrounded by her dogs and cats.

The centenary, although it is a lover of soft drinks and sweets, takes a natural diet with products such as potatoes, corn and meat, and usually enjoys good health.

Morales asked Flores' relatives to take care of him, because the woman "is a symbol of the family."

"It is important to know what you eat to live so much, you have to do a thorough investigation," the president joked.

The house that the Government gave him was built within a state program to provide social housing to the poorest people in the country, according to Morales.

This program is designed to assist large families and especially single mothers with more than two children, he added.

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