The 10th Open de Pádel Barceló is presented in style with a splendid round table

The 10th Open de Pádel Barceló is presented in style with a splendid round table

The round table of the 10th Barceló Pádel Open in Santa Catalina. / c7

On the occasion of the tenth edition of the Open de Pádel Barceló Hotel Group, the round table was held this morning with the theme "The athlete as manager of his own career"

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Professionals from the world of sport, psychology and communication have come to Santa Catalina, to the Royal Hideaway Hotel to enjoy a day in which sport has been the protagonist, but from a different point of view.

At the beginning of the event, Ángel Esquinas, General Manager of the Barceló Hotel Group in the Atlantic area once again showed Barceló's commitment to sport, and made a special mention of the Barceló Padel Open, which will be held from September 21 to 25. at the Club La Calzada facilities. “For us it is a celebration, to be able to return to the path of sport, of which we are so proud,” said Ángel Esquinas.

The person in charge of revealing the novelties of the tenth edition was Juan Francisco Hernández, Commercial and Marketing Director of Barceló Hotel Group in the Atlantic Zone. The event aims to reach more than 400 registrants, and each participant will receive a welcome pack with a Joma brand paddle tennis set.

The bonuses for the winners include everything from all-inclusive and half-board stays, to financial contributions, as revealed by Juan Francisco Hernández.

Diego Gil, president of the Canarian Padel Federation and Luis Sicilia, manager of Club La Calzada, were also present at the start of the event. In both interventions, they made clear the importance of the Barceló Padel Open in the Canary Islands, a sporting event characterized by its good organization and its great popularity in the world of Canarian padel. "In this tenth tournament, as in all the previous ones, we put all our strength and enthusiasm," said Luis Sicilia.

At the end of the initial block, Pilar Rumeu, moderator of the event, began the round table. Then came the time for Carmelo Cabrera, a former basketball player; Magüi Serna, former tennis player; Thais Henriquez, swimmer; Pablo Sicilia, former soccer player; Paula Laiseca, sailor and Willy Villar, sports director of the Gran Canaria Basketball Club.

From the field of sports psychology, Patricia Soriano attended, who during the talk highlighted the importance of having a prior withdrawal plan, to guarantee the mental health of athletes.

During the event, the professionals from the sports elite gave a relaxed talk about what it means to dedicate yourself to sports professionally. “Studies and a professional career can be combined, although it is difficult, it is not impossible”, declared Paula Laiseca.

The speakers answered questions related to social networks as a means of communication, healthy habits, educational training and the development of a withdrawal plan. "We talked about retirement, how difficult it is to find a goal on which to focus, and above all find a passion," commented Thais Henríquez after the event.

At all times, an atmosphere was maintained that invited athletes to share their experiences, both professional and personal. «We have talked about what our career has been like, at my wedding I talked about the world of tennis», explained Magüi Serna.

"It has been a pleasure to share an unforgettable day with so many elite athletes," concluded Carmelo Cabrera. Among applause, the speakers thanked the organization for the opportunity to have been able to participate in the round table.

"The athlete as a manager of his own career", which Willy Villar described as an opportunity to discuss many topics of interest. Pablo Sicilia declared, while he invited everyone to participate, his gratitude for having made him participate in the presentation of this new edition of the tournament, in which he also said «I will be lucky enough to play».

"After two years, which have been a bit complicated, the desire to return to events like this is noticeable," said Pilar Rumeu after concluding the act, not without first recalling that registrations for the tenth Barceló Pádel Open are still open until on September 19.

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