The 10 technological branches with more job offers "| Technology

The 10 technological branches with more job offers "| Technology

There is work. The new technological reality has opened new niches in the labor market. Companies, inside and outside of Spain, need employees with knowledge and skills in technologies that have ceased to be new to become essential. The Nave de Madrid opens on November 15 and 16 to companies and job seekers in this sector during the fifth Employment Fair in the Digital Era (FEED) Patricia García, assistant director of the event, with free access, prefers to talk about the more than 7,000 participants that are expected as "candidates" to cover some of the more than 10,000 places that, according to the companies, are vacant. These are the main profiles that companies seek, according to the organization of the event and a survey of DigitalES, the Spanish association for digitalization that brings together the main companies in the technology and innovation sector.

Computer engineering or ICT. It is the most demanded profile. Companies claim candidates who have completed a higher or university degree. Within this field, they are required programming specialists Java J2EE (Java Enterprise Edition, which allows developers to overcome the barriers of working with different operating systems) and web, desktop and mobile applications. System architects are also needed and full-stack. In this last profile people are sought with knowledge about servers, networks, data modeling and applications. According to Indeed, the world average salary of a full-stack developer in large companies it is close to 100,000 euros.

Experts in cybersecurity. They are profiles whose demand remains stable in most companies. Knowledge in the prevention of computer risks is required to anticipate possible attacks and analyze the vulnerabilities of the systems.

Big Data, business intelligence and data processing. Are specialists in taking advantage of the information we leave all users in any device, service or page of massive use from programming and data processing with mathematical and statistical algorithms. It requires technological professional training or a university degree in engineering, mathematics or physics, as well as high knowledge of English. They are also considered graduates in business administration and management and economics.

Visual design of interfaces (UI) or user experience (UX) with university education, master's degree or higher. These positions require people with knowledge of the principles of basic design and the most well-known programss. It is one of the professions with more demand in the next three years.

Robotics. Specialists in the application of machinery to automate processes industrial The most pointer field is that directed to robots with learning capacity using artificial intelligence.

Assistants to the last Fair of Employment in the Digital Age (FEED).
Assistants to the last Fair of Employment in the Digital Age (FEED).

Organization and Development. The most demanded profiles are experts in Desingn Thinking, Agile, Lean and Growth Hacking. Design Thinking tries to anticipate the needs and experiences that customers demand. Agile involves the user in the development of the products. Lean is a model of techniques and tools associated with efficiency, service, productivity and total quality, including social responsibility. Growth Hacking refers to marketing techniques that group creativity, data and analysis.

5G. The new generation of mobile telephony, which increases the capacity of the network above that offered by the current fiber, will expand across Europe, according to a Moody's survey, starting in 2020 and from this year in Asia and the United States. From then on, it will be unstoppable and not only technicians will be needed to enable the infrastructure, but also experts in adapting applications and web programs to the new reality.

Internet of things (IoT), The interconnection and interaction of all types of machinery is the new era that is coming. It will not only affect home automation, but cities will begin to be truly intelligent and the benefits of this technology will be applied to all areas, from education and medical assistance to transport or industrial processes.

Artificial intelligence (AI). Any activity that we imagine, including creation, can be nourished by computer programs that allow the development of any operation proper to the human being. The future is to bring computer behavior closer to neural networks.

Virtual reality (VR). It is one of the big technology bets, like Google and Apple, who see in this technology learning and leisure tools of great route.

Project Manager. These are directors and project managers with competences in all phases of creation and with the ability to manage personnel, resources and deadlines..

Other skills

To the professional competences we must add others equally necessary and valued by the companies. Mar Montalvo, director of Business Development of the Oracle computer services company, calls the profiles that companies now demand as "new Renaissance". "It is not enough that they are mathematicians. They have to know programming, know the business, be able to dialogue with executives and have a visionary and innovative character, "he says.

In this sense, the DigitalES survey highlights the need for new workers to have social skills that allow them to work as a team and collaboratively. It also calls for a multilingual and intercultural profile, leadership capacity and adaptation to a changing and highly demanding environment. Self-learning and initiative for continuous improvement are other skills sought by companies.


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