Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

The 10 "recipes" of Ana Botín for Spain and politicians

The 10 "recipes" of Ana Botín for Spain and politicians

The president of Banco Santander, Ana Botín, has spoken this Friday publicly clearer than ever about economic policy and the "recipes" that, in her opinion, should be followed by the different political parties in Spain so that the country can continue to progress.

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Within two weeks of the general elections, the executive, considered one of the most influential women in Europe, stressed that Spain has great strengths, some public services among the best in the world and great potential for the future.

But, to continue progressing, Botín has explained in this way the actions that must be carried out:

1. "We need a first level education, I always say that education is not everything, but it is almost everything, this has to be the priority, whoever wins, who governs who governs, we need a permanent commitment to education".

2. "To invest more in education, we need an economy that generates the resources to finance quality public services, a strong economy is the goose that lays the golden eggs."

3. "We all want social justice and equal opportunities, but in order to have them, we need to have economic growth, the objective is not only to grow, but the benefits of economic growth reach everyone".

4. "In economic policy, we know what works and, above all, we know what does not work If we want a Spain that works for all, we need an economic policy that works, without growth, there is no inclusion. the politicians who speak clearly ".

5. "After the elections we need to flee from short-termism and promote a reformist agenda with a long-term vision, inclusive growth and social cohesion, which is only possible if entrepreneurs invest and create employment."

6. "In view of the polls, this will not be the task of a single party We need a pact for inclusive growth It will be necessary to reach agreements between different political forces This requires responsibility and maturity We know how to do it; demonstrated other times. "

7. "Spain can also and must regain prominence in the European construction, working for greater integration and participating in decisions is also our work".

8. "Building Europe is a national policy, Europe is the solution and not the problem".

9. "Brexit is our canary in the mine that warns us of the dangers that can come if we ignore these waves or minimize the concerns that millions of people have about their jobs, their prosperity and their future."

10. "Europe is not perfect, but it is the best model of contrasted democracy, an open and inclusive model of a market economy, let's be proactive, let's contribute ideas to build an even better Europe".


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