The 10 most expensive houses in Spain

Mansions, flats, villas, chalets ... What are the most expensive houses? How much is the square meter and in what area of ​​Spain are they? Curiously it is neither Madrid nor Barcelona. The top ten of the most expensive houses for sale in our country is monopolized by Malaga with a total of five properties, followed by Las Palmas (2), Barcelona (1), Madrid (1) and Baleares (1).

The prices around each square meter, oscillates between 6,000 and 22,000 euros / m2, on farms with more than 800 m2 of constructed area (separate plot) spread over 2 or 3 floors, more than 5 rooms, at least 3 bathrooms, garden, swimming pool, garage with capacity for several vehicles, high security measures and, in those cases in which they are farms or chalets, with location in residential developments of high standing. He has made his annual ranking where he has also analyzed where the most expensive house is in each of the 50 Spanish provinces, a ranking that leaves provinces such as Cádiz, Castellón, Córdoba, Girona, Guipúzcoa, Seville, Toledo or Valencia in prominent positions. and those of Zamora, Soria, Ourense and Jaén close, with maximum prices in their most expensive homes that do not reach one million euros.

And the sale of the most expensive houses in Spain, led by the municipality of Teror, in Las Palmas, where the house with a higher starting price is located: 25 million euros.

This is the top.ten of the most expensive houses in Spain:

1 -Las Palmas (Teror) - 25 million euros

2 -Málaga (Benahavís) - 17.5 million euros

3 -Málaga (Marbella) - 17 million euros

4- Las Palmas (Teror) - 17 million euros

5 -Madrid (Pozuelo de Alarcón) - € 17 million

6 -Málaga (Ronda) - € 16.4 million

7 -Barcelona (Sitges) - € 16 million

8 -Málaga (Marbella) € 14.95 million

9 - Málaga (Marbella) € 14.4 million

10-Balearic Islands (Andratx) - € 14 million



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