The 10 favorite series of the Emmy Awards 2021

1- 'The Crown' (24 nominations)

His aura of prestige has only grown, rather than diminished, over the years and seasons. With that climatic fourth installment Dedicated to the Di years, the creation of Peter Morgan was destined to make more noise than ever and win the hearts of voters who in many cases lived at that time. All nominations are few for a series that, according to people like Paul Schrader, should compete directly in the Oscar.

2- 'The Mandalorian' (24 nominations)

The Emmys have long ceased to have gender phobia: after all, 'Game of Thrones' was a best drama up to four times. But it is unusual to find up to three genre series (or four, if we understand 'The Handmaid's Tale' as a horror series) competing for the highest award. Will be able Mando and Grogu prevail in these and other major categories against 'The Crown'? That is hard to believe.

3- 'Scarlet Witch and Vision' (23 nominations)

The nominations of the creation of Jac Schaeffer The best limited series and performance or script categories are fully justified: we are talking about a brilliant project at all levels, an overwhelming spectacle as well as a resounding drama about loss. Only factor against it: to be enjoyed to its full extent, it requires some knowledge of the Marvel environment. The groundbreaking 'I could destroy you' or perhaps, above all, the popular and elegant 'Lady's Gambit' seem better positioned.

4- 'The Handmaid's Tale' (21 nominations)

The only 'repeater' as a candidate for best drama series. And with some reason: this season has been the best since the first. His number of nominations is imposing, but he has not taken anything at the Creative Arts Emmys ceremonies; the surprising Mckenna grace (teenage Mrs. Keyes) was unable to guest star with Claire Foy's cameo in 'The Crown'. We talk about what could be the big loser of the year, but never underestimate the power of Elisabeth moss: It would be her second Emmy for this role.

5- 'Ted Lasso' (20 nominations)

Unlike the main football team at the end of the first season, the beloved 'Ted Lasso', antidote to disappointment in the 2020 pandemic, has everything to win in this ceremony. Best Comedy and Best Leading Actor in a Comedy are Sung Awards. Let's support Lasso, especially because, deep down, he's just as wrecked as everyone else: season two has reminded him that, very often, those who try to have a cheerful attitude in life have not been too happy in the past.

6- 'Lovecraft Territory' (18 nominations)

Although it is nominated for best drama series, it would make more sense that it would have entered the limited series category: HBO has decided not to go ahead with it. And it has its logic. After an imposing first episode, not even its powerful central metaphor (the monster as a manifestation of hatred) managed to sustain the mess. The most deserved and, of course, emotional would be the Emmy for best supporting actor for the recently deceased Michael Kenneth Williams.

7- 'Lady's Gambit' (18 nominations)

The pure definition of 'sleeper': a series that comes without making too much noise, expected only by fans of Anya Taylor-Joy and the few viewers of' Godless' (previous series by its co-creator Scott Frank), which ends up putting basically the entire population in agreement. He has already grabbed eight awards in the Creative Arts, which clearly points to sweep in the early morning from Sunday to Monday. And now, to wait for the reunion of Taylor-Joy and Frank in the adaptation of 'Laughter in the dark', by Nabokov.

8- 'Mare of Easttown' (16 nominations)

Before 'Lady's Gambit' swept through Creative Arts ceremonies, Kate Winslet seemed a clear favorite as a limited series lead actress. No one would complain if she finally wins: her composition of police detective Mare Sheehan has delivered some of the most devastating (and, behold, fun) television moments of the year. And Evan Peters 'Detective Colin Zabel also holds a special place in viewers' hearts.

9- 'Hacks' (15 nominations)

Jean Smart is nominated for her role as a nosy mother in 'Mare of Easttown' and, on the other hand, her incarnation in this series of a Las Vegas comedian who relies on the jokes of a twenty-something (Hannah Einbinder) to relaunch her career. Still unreleased in Spain (it should arrive as part of the HBO Max welcome pack this October 26), it has been a favorite of American critics during 2021. But Ted Lasso and his huge mustache cast a shadow over it.

10- 'Bridgerton' (12 nominations)

Be careful, be very careful with her. In days when phenomena are reproduced and renewed so quickly, it is still difficult to remember, but 'Bridgerton' was an audience bomb this Christmas. And often the awards are given to the titles that the industries uphold. Or actors emerged from almost nothing that end up everywhere, like Regé-Jean Page, launched to stardom as the Duke of Hastings. It is worth claiming here that Phoebe dynevor, another star of the future, has not received a nomination.


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