The 10 ads of the Super Bowl 2019 that you have to see | TV

The Super Bowl, The final of the American football league is much more than a sports final. In its 53rd edition, this year's match will face, for the second time in the history of the competition, to the New England Patriots, American Conference champions (AFC) and Los Angeles Rams, winners of the National Conference (NFC). But beyond the sporting section, the Super Bowl is the most watched television event of the year. Last year, it brought 103.4 million viewers to the screen in the United States alone.

These audience data turn their advertising breaks into the preferred showcase for brands to advertise. Of course, at the price of gold. This year will beat the record of money paid for 30 seconds of advertising. According Variety, the CBS network -NBC, Fox and CBS rotate in the rebroadcast of the game every year- will charge between 5.1 and 5.3 million dollars for 30 seconds of announcement. In 2018, the average was 5.05 million dollars, the same price as in 2017, when for the first time the barrier of 5 million was exceeded.

For the occasion, brands and advertisers try to show off using familiar faces, humor or exciting stories that achieve notoriety beyond the 30-second duration of the spot.

Although there are many announcements that will be issued this year (in 2017 there were 51 minutes of announcements throughout the four hours, approximately, that lasts the event), we have selected 10 that you can not miss:

Stella Artois

Sarah Jessica Parker returns to be Carrie Bradshaw and Jeff Bridges returns to the Note of The great Lebowski in this ad in which they change the drinks they usually order, El Cosmopolitan and White Russian, for beers.


The e-commerce mastodon laughs at himself in a spot with the star participation of Harrison Ford as the grumpy owner of a dog that, thanks to Alexa, gets everything he wants.


A kind of depressive Alexa regrets not being able to taste the different taste options offered by this brand of chips in this fun and effective ad that does not need celebrities to stand out.

Michelob Ultra

If you can not enjoy a good beer with friends, it's not worth it. Although robots surpass humans in many things, they will never be able to enjoy certain pleasures of life.


A classic: when in a restaurant or in a bar you order a coke and what they have is Pepsi, they tell you different variants of "we have Pepsi, is that okay?". This ad takes advantage of the phrase to vindicate itself with Steve Carell as protagonist and the participation of rapper Cardi B. "Pepsi is better than good".


When a masked assassin enters the home of Sarah Michelle Gellar, the protagonist of Buffy, Vampire Slayer is ready to call for help with her mobile using facial recognition. But the effect of the creams used makes the matter a bit difficult. Of course, it does not seem to matter much.


Nostalgia is always a value in these times. That's why Doritos has used the combination of the Backstreet Boys and Chance the Rapper to play together I Want It That Way to present a new flavor of their snacks.


The terrible sensation that someone invades your vital space is to which the advertisement of this brand of toothpaste resorts. The result combines humor and overwhelm and this spot is appearing in both the best lists and the worst ads in the Super Bowl. But, of course, it does not leave indifferent.


Actor Jason Bateman is the elevator operator who guides visitors through terrible experiences such as traveling in the middle seat of an airplane, going to the dentist or a vegan dinner. Nothing to do with the wonderful experience of buying a Hyundai, of course.

Avocados From Mexico

It's a classic of the Super Bowl ads. This year, the brand has actress Kristin Chenoweth as jury of a peculiar contest in which dogs are the ones that present humans to competition. The world upside down, as in the ad teaser, in which the famous box of dogs playing poker was played by humans eating guacamole.


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