the 1-O burdens were the "first wall of reality" of nationalism

the 1-O burdens were the "first wall of reality" of nationalism

The candidate of the PP to the general elections for Barcelona, ​​Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, has defended this Tuesday that the police charges during the day of the 1-O supposed the "first wall of reality" for the Catalan nationalists.

"The end of the process has been the end of the adolescence of nationalism, which has turned heads against reality, the famous 1-O with hysteria that is mounted with police charges … it was beneficial, because it is the first wall with which nationalism is given ", he said during an act together with the co-promoter of the founding document of Cs, Albert Boadella.

Álvarez de Toledo has explained that he was surprised when some of the promoters of the 1-O were arrested and "cried because they could not believe what was happening to them".

"One wonders how they could not believe it, when they had judicial, political and media ads, but they lived in a state of absolute unreality They had come to think that they could make a coup, a revolution, liquidate a constitutional state without a price, "he said.

The second clash of reality to which he has referred was the speech delivered by the King on October 3, which he also described as beneficial because the first authority the State "addresses the nationalists as adults to tell them that what they were doing is nefarious and tells the other half 'you are not alone'; and the third is the constitutionalist demonstration on October 8.

Together with Boadella, they analyzed the situation in Catalonia and the theater actor and director described the separatism as "a sect without a guru who now joins in hatred"; something he has argued explaining that before, the guru he referred to was the former Catalan president Jordi Pujol, but that now there is none and he believes that this is dangerous.

"The problem is that this sect is not united to get a nirvana for Catalonia, something ideal, if only to have a land free of taxes, but now it is only a sect with a union in hatred. but there is no longer a structure of hope, of hope, because it is not about getting an independent state, but about fucking the Spaniards, "he said.


Boadella added that it is possible "that the decomposition will penetrate among themselves," but that it will hardly end and has pointed to the presidents of the Government as responsible for accepting the Catalanist discourse that it has branded as a victim.

"Deprogramming a sect is very complicated, it is almost impossible, we have to live with them and, above all, not let them win," he said before addressing the steps that would be taken by both as a political solution for Catalonia.

In this sense, Boadella has opted for the State to suspend the autonomy of Catalonia with a "long that produces the paradoxical situation in which trains continue to operate at the time, the industries" and that he believes would serve as an example to other communities .

For the popular candidate "is not to suspend autonomy, is to return autonomy to the Democrats, reduce autonomy to nationalism and return it to the Democrats."

Thus, he explained that his plan is to combat nationalism on three levels: "the moral and intellectual, not tolerating or a violation of the law, nor one because what has been tolerated here should be tolerated and ties are not tolerable neither in the electoral nor in the non-electoral period, and then we have to empower the democrats. "

Álvarez de Toledo believes that the power must be given to the democrats: "Cultural power, media strength and economic power, lift all that crust covered by nationalism, to bring society to democracy."

For this reason, he has defended the 155 he believes has been "vilified" and has assured that it is an article that allows the State to defend itself in case of aggression and that it can be applied in multiple ways.


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