The 1.2 billion, which are "little" for Montero, almost three times the expected increase in pensions

The 1.2 billion, which are "little" for Montero, almost three times the expected increase in pensions


The General Budgets of the State are being a headache for the Government led by Pedro Sánchez. With the agreement carried out with Podemos, they have approached the approval of the Budgets more than ever, but still they need the support of the nationalists and independentistas Catalans and Basques to continue with the project.

After receiving the budget plan, Brussels has requested more data and a clarification about budget items and revenues due to the distrust they generate in Europe. In fact, Alfredo Bonet, general secretary of the Círculo de Empresarios, has warned that they are «Unrealistic income» and, therefore, threaten employment, business investment as well as the future of the Spanish economy.

However, the one that has shown a notorious frivolity before the dance of numbers in the budgets is the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, who upon leaving the Congress of Deputies last week played down a hypothetical adjustment if they had to apply a deficit target of 1.3% instead of 1.8%. "Going through a Budget is easy. I have always said, chiqui, they are 1,200 million, that's not enough, you take that away or put it in a part of the budget ", He chided before the journalists. That is so "little" that, to get an idea, an entity of the greatness of Real Madrid has approved for this year a budget of 752 million, that is, slightly more than half of what Montero considers a trifle.

The 1,200 million to which the finance minister downplays would imply a significant decrease in the impact of the spending measures of different budget items. For example, It would be almost three times as planned for the rise of minimum and non-contributory pensions or about four times what was allocated to raise the minimum wage to 900 euros.


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