July 8, 2020

that's how the winners of chirigotas, comparsas, quartets and choirs are

that's how the winners of chirigotas, comparsas, quartets and choirs are

The competition was difficult, but Manolo Santander has emerged as the great chirigotero who is winning the final of the Official Contest of Carnival Groups in its category. Since 2000 he did not win the award that crowned him as the best. But now, 19 years later, a representation of him ("The curse of the black macaw") has managed to win the biggest prize of the Cadiz Carnival of 2019.

The Sevillian chirigota "Daddy Cadi"He took second place, and was about to snatch the glory from Santander: the winner got 702.30 points, while that of the funniest reggaetoneros of the event stayed in 701.31, only 99 hundredths of a tie. "The blood ones"They occupied the third place, with 694.22 points, and something else behind"The things of destiny", With 679.91.

There was not much dispute in the choirs. "Those of the patio", By David Fernández and José Manuel Pedrosa, managed to rise as champions of their category with an ostentatious difference between them and their competitors:"The new age"She was 50 points behind the winner, with 667.16 points. "The batallitas", Who also occupied another place on the podium, caressed the silver to stay just a few tenths of his competitor, with 666.71 points.

The act of dawn, past five in the morning, does not seem to have been a problem for the comparsa "The carnivals", Who have won the Official Contest of Carnival Groups of their category. Antonio Martínez Ares sum, with this, his seventh victory, after being crowned in 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 2001 and 2016 (the last one was very special, he returned after 13 years of absence at the party) and now, in 2019.

His victory, however, was not as comfortable as could be presumed by the trajectory of the musician. He added a total of 747.68 points, while his pursuer, "The gaditaníssima", He achieved 737.68. Something further was "The Marquis of Cádiz"(720.89) and not so much of this"The stars"(720.59).

Finally, it was the quartet "Yellow brigade (water with nojotros)"Who won in his category. In this way, Manolo Morera manages to be crowned for the second year in a row, following in the wake of "The lowercase team (command caleti)", And manages to take his eighth title since he started that road in 2003 (has expired in that year and in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2018 and 2019). He also achieved a wide victory against his persecutor: 20 points of difference was between "Yellow Brigade (water with nojotros)" and "This year we retired"; 696.20 points obtained the first one; 677 the second, reports The newspaper of Cádiz.


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