Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

That's how Nowitzki ended up crying in his NBA farewell after 21 seasons

That's how Nowitzki ended up crying in his NBA farewell after 21 seasons

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The legendary German power forward Dirk Nowitzki announced, after the game that his team, the Dallas Mavericks, won by 120-109 to the Phoenix Suns, his retirement from the competition after 21 seasons on the same team. And he could not stand the tears.

A permanence that allowed him to establish a new NBA brand. Nowitzki said goodbye through the front door with 30 points in his last game at home with the Mavericks. Last March, he moved the fans of Dallas by passing the legendary Wilt Chamberlain to recover the sixth place in the list of top scorers in the history of the NBA, which now occupies with 31,540 points with one match left to play. The position already had it to his credit last season, but star forward LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers, had snatched it. Nowitzki, the highest-scoring foreign player in NBA history broke Kobe Bryant's record of 20 seasons with the same franchise, although achieving that feat cost him due to complications following ankle surgery that kept him out of the way. courts during the first 26 games of the current season. Although Nowizki, 40, had not wanted to formalize his retirement plans and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was open to playing until he wanted to, the reality is that his contribution to the team was already very limited. After the speeches of the legendary Larry Bird and other ex-players whom Nowitzki idolized during his childhood, he revealed to the fans that they were going to see him in his last game. "This is obviously super, super exciting, there are many people to whom I have to thank," said Nowitzki. "We had a great adventure with many ups and downs and you always stayed by my side and supported me, I appreciate it," he said. Cards with the face of Nowitzki were placed in most of the 20,000 seats of the American Airlines Center and a large mural with his figure was hung in each of the entrances of the pavilion


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