November 25, 2020

“That young positive for going to the bottle calls me crying: his father is in the ICU”

Toilets pay tribute to the victims in the Virgen de la Concha.

Toilets pay tribute to the victims in the Virgen de la Concha.

A few weeks ago I wrote a letter in this same newspaper, outraged by the attitude of the people after the confinement. I wrote: “I only ask that when this is over, do not forget that in our daily struggle we deserve respect from society. “

How delusional! First by thinking that this would end, and second that the society in which I live would learn and not make the same mistakes again. But as the saying goes: “Man is the only animal that stumbles twice on the same stone.”

Now I write these words not only indignant, but also, angry, tired. Indignant to see the uncivil attitudes of some; in March we had an apology, because we did not know what was coming, and we did not have the means or personnel to face it.

But it is that now in October, all the personnel of hospitals and primary care (that we had already notified), we are physically and psychically exhausted. We can’t anymore!

Many of my colleagues are on sick leave, due to anxiety, stress, others have caught COVID, others have physical problems … And we are all tired of seeing images of young and not so young people, drinking on terraces without a mask, drinking from same glass …

I have personally spoken with a young man about this subject, and he tells me that he cannot stop having fun, that he is young, and has to live. I have answered that yes, for him to live, others have to die! He only answers that he does not care, as long as it is not his family who is sick.

This same young man has called me recently to tell me that he has come out of a bottle and has tested positive in Covid-19. But he doesn’t care. A few days later he calls me again, crying, that his father is in the ICU, with Covid. What does he do? I answer: Now, pray for your father to live. He tells me that I am very tough, that he thought I was going to comfort him. Immediately I answered him: What if it was my father who was in the ICU? It would not matter to you because since it was not from your family, you would continue with your parties …

The only advice I have given you is to talk to your friends, colleagues and tell them your situation, to make them understand that what is being experienced in Spain and in the world is not silly, and that the toilets are exhausted. What would happen if a large majority of us toilets get sick?

I am angry with our political class, they are not able to agree, even if they are killed. They prioritize their partisan interests to the common good of the citizens. Many scientists, even several Spanish scientific societies, have written letters to stop having fruitless debates, and get to work, all together, against this bug.

And I wonder: Why have they ignored before those who know: scientists? Because everything economic has been prioritized over the human. I have not seen that in another country, no matter how many political differences they had, that they insulted each other in the Congress of Deputies, while people were dying for Covid. What country do we live in?

Tired, we are tired. We have not come out of one wave, and we are with another. They say we were heroes, and what was the applause for? Not at all, just so that someone’s conscience is calm.

Finally, I will say that the only good thing that I get from all this is that I am proud to belong to a group that, despite the fact that they have forgotten us, we continue working, but I also say to all of society: We are the wall in front of this bug, but this wall is breaking. What will happen when it falls?

Monserrat Juan Asensio


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