That of RR7, the only contract that Health paid in advance and without receiving a sample

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor of Las Palmas, Javier Ródenas, in a file image. / Arcadio Suarez

This agreement, according to what an official told the prosecutor, skipped the procedure followed by the SCS, even in the worst time of the pandemic

According to the person in charge of the Support, Contracting and Economic Management Unit of the Canary Health Service, the contract for the emergency route that Health signed with the car company RR7 United SL for four million euros, was
the only one was paid in full during the pandemic “in advance” and without even contributing the successful bidder
“a single sample of the material object of the awarded supply”, that is, the 3M model 1860 masks.

It must be remembered that this medical material arrived on the island in March 2021, but was destroyed when it was found that
it was fakecame from the capital of Ethiopia, with stamps from Peru and its point of origin was the German market.

This statement was made by the official
to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Javier Ródenas, within the framework of the pre-procedural steps carried out in this case by Mascarillas. They led to the filing of a complaint that has opened a judicial proceeding that investigates the director of the SCS,
Conrad Dominguez and to the general director of Economic Resources,
Ana Maria Perez, for the alleged crimes of administrative prevarication and influence peddling and the sole administrator of RR7 United SL,
Rayco Ruben Gonzalezfor the alleged crimes of aggravated fraud and money laundering.

Masks Case: Domínguez, to the commission agent: “It is a full-fledged scam”

On May 10, the head of the Support, Contracting and Economic Management Unit of the General Directorate of Economic Resources of the SCS went to the Prosecutor's Office to give a statement as an expert before the delegate Javier Ródenas. In that appearance and according to the judicial file, the official
“detailed with high doses of verisimilitude” the actions in terms of contracting that they carried out from Health during the start of the pandemic.

He told the prosecutor Ródenas that, due to the "experience" followed in the contracts in which he intervened in the first months in March and April 2020, which he described as
“the toughest” of the pandemicthe order of the second payment to RR7 of two million euros
“he deviated from the usual procedure followed” in emergency contracts.

The attempted purchase of vaccines is not part of the Anticorruption complaint

This subscription, which involved the full payment of the four million agreed via WhatsApp by Conrado Domínguez and the RR7 United intermediary, Samuel Machín, was totally exceptional for the manager belonging to the SCS Economic Resources area. In short, he explained to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor that
"a first amount was always paid" in the form of an initial payment and, when the contracted and awarded material arrived on the islands, it was when «the invoice was settled. That is to say, first the Canarian Health technicians verified that the material received was "suitable and suitable" and
met the "quality guarantees necessary for its destination to public hospitals" from the Canary Islands From that moment, once the invoice was made with the delivery of the material, the SCS proceeded to the "remaining payment of the awarded amount".

With RR7 United SL all procedures were skipped, no public manager has given explanations as to why they acted in this way

with RR7 United SL all procedures were skipped and, until now, no public manager has given explanations as to why they acted in this way.

The deponent insisted before the representative of the Public Ministry that "of all the contracts processed" by the emergency route due to the coronavirus, the one that is being investigated
was "the only one" in which all the funds were released "in advance" and
without receiving "a single sample of the material object of the awarded supply", highlighted this official. “It is the only contract in which it was ordered to release four million euros without receiving anything in return,” summed up the prosecutor Javier Ródenas himself.

Health denies having had relations with RR7 from 2020 to 2022

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands responded to a question asked by the deputy of the Canarian Nationalist Parliamentary Group, José Alberto Díaz-Estébanez, about the possible contacts they may have had with the company RR7 United SL, denying the existence of "relations » between both entities from the years 2020 to 2022. According to the letter sent by the Executive, «neither the Ministry of Health, nor the public bodies, the Canary Islands Institute of Hemodonation and Hemotherapy and the School of Health and Social Services of the Canary Islands have maintained commercial relations with the aforementioned company in the indicated period”, reflected the document signed by the technical general secretariat.

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