Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

That all the matches are important until the end, Diego López's formula

That all the matches are important until the end, Diego López's formula

Impeccable as always went out to talk Diego López to the press room of Cornellà with an intelligent and realistic speech. The goalkeeper knows the importance of the Alavés party so that the other parties are also important; that will mean "that we are still in the fight". A formula that seems the most adapted to the team: "It is a very important match and we are going to face it as such so that the Levante match is another very important and so on until the end, fighting to the end".

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The Alavés goes seventh in the classification and is there with a style of play very different from the one posed by Ruby. But if they are there, it is "on their own merits beyond the style of play". "They do not go seventh for a miracle, you have to respect them a lot. The same is not so showy but they get points and this is about points ", adds Diego López. That's why he knows that "it's going to be a very complicated game" and he sees it as "a challenge to play", as it is a team that is "ahead of us". The formula is "create many opportunities to be more likely to score" and "have more hunger and try to impose quality".

We do not have to think about the seventh or the eighteenth, but each game "

In any case, the goalkeeper does not believe that the team should "think neither the seventh nor the eighteenth, they say, but we have to think about each game". "We were in a difficult situation before the game of Girona", He won, that endowed the team with confidence and now to deal with it what remains of the season, because" there are many points. "

Speaking of points, the forts of next Saturday's rival - despite being a team that normally "wins by the minimum" - are, among others, "the speed, the verticality and the set pieces have a lot of potential". Hence, away from home "their style gives them a good chance" of doing harm. The players for that, assures Diego, are "mentalized that it will cost us", in a game that augurs will be "similar to the Getafe":" We will suffer your cons ".

With 37 years

His secret: The struggle, work and perseverance

However, for some time now, Rubi's team has known how to "neutralize and correct" the moment of "defensive weakness" that "penalized" them. Now Espanyol has recovered that strength: "Defensive work is something of the team, it is an attitude of all players. Part of the success of the teams depends on the defensive level. "

With 37 years, he is the most veteran of the squad and at the same time the player of the squad that has played the most minutes of this season: all. Your secret? The "basic values" of "struggle, work and perseverance". Maybe not ten more, he commented with laughter, but he hopes "to be many years in the elite" and in his favor is that he has the "illusion intact every day". Due to his age and trajectory, he has become a benchmark for all players, young or not, goalkeepers or not, who surround him. Something that does not bother him, but the other way around: "I love and try to add both field players and goal-mates. I do it daily, I carry it inside and I like it. I will try to dedicate myself to it. " One of the goals for Diego López is that his professionalism is good "for the future of the guys who go up".

The performance of Wu Lei

Asked if the progress of Wu Lei has stalled, Diego Lopez says no. "I see it well," he says, "we've always talked about the difficulty he had for culture and to get ahead of the season, but he stands out because in every game he has the chance to score and that means he does things well".

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