November 25, 2020

“Thanks to a first-class search engine we want to bring luxury to all users”




This week, ABC and held a online forum on digitization in the real estate sector which had the participation of different experts and businessmen from a market that see in technological change the opportunity to get out of the economic crisis caused by Covid-19. Among the participants was Roberto Polanco, CMO of Gilmar, who tells us the keys to your business.

1. How do you present your properties through your website to attract the attention of customers?

When entering our website you can find a great variety of products, both second-hand residential and new construction developments, as well as commercial premises, offices and other unique properties. There are more than 4,300 products in total.

Thanks to a first-rate search engine, we want to bring luxury to all users. The properties that Gilmar sells have exceptional quality photographic and audiovisual reports, as well as very complete and detailed descriptions. Many of them are also shown with 3D virtual tours to visit the property from the sofa in your home enjoying an immersive experience, necessary to thoroughly explore all the corners of your future home.

We have incorporated a tool that allows us to do virtual home staging in some homes, that is, a service that allows us to virtually decorate an empty apartment. This helps a lot when it comes to getting an idea of ​​the spaces and the possibilities of the house.

In addition, the visitor can register to save their selection or preferred search criteria; And every time you need it, you will be attended at the moment by an online business advisor, thanks to our ‘web chat’ service.

2. Has the virtual visit become indispensable in your business?

Absolutely. At Gilmar we started offering these types of visits five years ago. We were the first in Spain. Currently, we run more than 200 new 3D virtual tours every month. In such an exceptional year as this, this digital tool has become even more useful. The user deserves to have the comfort of visiting our products as many times as they want, walking through the home of their dreams at one click … with the addition of having the best professionals by their side, who will accompany them throughout the entire process of buy and sell.

Buying a home is, for most, the most important investment of their life. It requires peace of mind, security and trust. The virtual visit adds value to this initial experience, which completes the know-how of our human team.

3. Do you think there is still a long way to go in terms of luxury home e-commerce?

So is. Although in recent years the sector has deepened in the commercial digitization of the most accessible property, targeting products for consumers, the higher-cost homes have needed greater specialization and personalization of the service, to understand every detail of the customer needs. Therefore, it is necessary to know this type of consumer as much as possible to make them fully personalized offers.

In any case, at Gilmar we know that luxury is defined by each person, and we walk that path of maximum customization and detail for any need. It is our way of understanding excellence.

4. Have you noticed changes in the client’s profile and attitude during these months of health crisis?

There have been small logical modifications in the behavior patterns of potential clients, which are clearly observed in the data of our web browser. Searches for villas with gardens or apartments with terraces have increased by more than 20% in Madrid. In addition, the interest in housing has grown significantly in destinations such as the Costa del Sol or the Costa de la Luz.

Finally, I would highlight the growing need among our clients for a professional and trustworthy service when executing real estate transactions. The concern that this health crisis has generated accentuates the need to feel protected, thanks to a real estate consulting service that offers the maximum guarantees.

Applying the latest technologies to real estate marketing helps, but there always has to be someone ‘behind’. People helping people.

5. What aspects must a real estate agency meet to meet the needs of tomorrow’s client?

The decision to purchase a home is a long process with a lot of emotional involvement, which is also accentuated by the uncertainty of the current health crisis. Real estate agencies must finish digitizing processes and be competitive through technology. The customer experience will continue to be decisive for growth, without a doubt, and here the digital ecosystem and the exhaustive analysis of consumer behavior play an increasingly important role.

6. What are your challenges for 2021?

Our challenge is to continue on the path of growth that has characterized Gilmar in its more than 37 years of experience. We intend to completely digitize the commercial process, helping buyers to have greater security in their purchase decisions; sellers to make their properties liquid with greater control and speed; and investors to choose the property with more profitability options.

The future sets new challenges for us related to augmented reality and the use of AI (artificial intelligence).

We aspire to continually update our business, in line with the high expectations that Gilmar clients have always had regarding our seriousness and professional rigor.

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